ACR Sources

The primary source of information for the Armed Conflicts Report is the Armed Conflicts Database of electronic information and vertical files maintained by Project Ploughshares.

Major sources for the database and additional sources for this edition of the Report include the following:

Books and reports

  • Human Development Report (Current and earlier editions)
  • UN Development Programme
  • New York; The Military Balance (Current and earlier editions)
  • International Institute for Strategic Studies
  • Routledge, London; Small Arms Survey (Current and earlier editions)
  • Graduate Institute of International Studies
  • Oxford University Press
  • Oxford; SIPRI Yearbook: Armaments, Disarmament and International Security  (Current and earlier editions)
  • Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
  • Oxford University Press
  • Oxford; Country Reports on Human Rights Practices (Current and earlier editions)
  • US Department of State
  • Bureau of Democracy
  • Human Rights and Labor
  • Washington; United Nations Peace Operations Year in Review (Current and earlier editions)
  • UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, New York


  • Arms Control Reporter
  • Arms Control Today
  • Aviation Week
  • Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
  • Defense News
  • The Guardian Weekly
  • Jane’s Defence Weekly

Internet sources