Conventional Weapons

Our Objectives

  • Foster binding international standards that control the supply of weapons and promote initiatives that reduce the demand for conventional weapons
  • Promote stronger and more transparent Canadian military export controls
  • Promote stronger and more transparent military export controls
  • Support Canadian and international implementation of the UN Programme of Action on small arms
  • Draw attention to the links between armed-violence reduction and development

Armed Violence and Development

In collaboration with development agencies and NGOs, Project Ploughshares is developing policy and practices to address the links between development and armed-violence reduction, with particular attention to the threats from small arms.

  • In 2006, 42 states from developed and developing regions drafted the 2006 Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development, which commits participating states to: “strengthen [their] efforts to integrate armed violence reduction and conflict prevention programmes into national, regional and multilateral development frameworks, institutions and strategies.”
  • As of May 2008, 85 countries, including Canada, have signed the declaration and it is becoming an important international touchstone for policy and programming work around the world.
  • In “Towards Safe and Sustainable Communities: Addressing Armed Violence as a Development Priority” – produced as policy guidance for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) – Project Ploughshares outlines the multilateral and Canadian policy framework that should inform and support programming to advance development and reduce violence.
  • Project Ploughshares is working with Canadian development NGOs to compile and assess “lessons-learned” from their field experience in communities and regions affected by armed violence.
  • This research will be used in activities in Canada with NGOs and Canadian government officials as well as internationally in the policy advocacy of an NGO working group shadowing the Geneva Declaration process.

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