What a year.

In 2016, a year in which Project Ploughshares marked 40 years of continuous work, we witnessed often convoluted global developments that affected virtually all areas of our work on international peace and security. We were busy. Not only striving to produce evidence-based research, but communicating the policy implications of such research to a wide range of stakeholders—in and out of government, in Canada and abroad.

Some highlights:

The Colombian government and FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) reached a comprehensive agreement to end the only remaining conflict of its kind in the Western hemisphere, one which Ploughshares has been tracking for 30 years in our annual Armed Conflicts Report.

Ploughshares supported the effective implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty internationally, in some of the regions most affected by armed violence.

Ploughshares engaged civil society partners and government officials in Canada and beyond to emphasize the urgent need for nuclear abolition and the gravity of the nuclear-weapons threat.
In the area of refugees and forced migration,

Ploughshares conducted research and analysis on the governance and policy implications of the current migration crisis, examining the key drivers of migration, the implications of different categorizations of migrants, and different national responses to the crisis.

I hope you will read through our Annual Report for more highlights of a remarkable year.

Cesar Jaramillo
Executive Director

Established in 1976, Project Ploughshares is an operating division of the Canadian Council of Churches that supports arms reduction and control, nuclear disarmament, space security,
and peacebuilding efforts around the globe.
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Cover photo: Laura Jarriel/UN


Project Ploughshares has been tracking Canadian military exports since its founding in 1976.

Ploughshares’ Canadian Military Industry Database compiles publicly available records of military contracts awarded to Canadian companies as well as annual government records of arms exports to overseas countries.

The purpose for collecting the data is to provide concrete examples on where military export policies or their implementation should be improved so that human rights and other humanitarian concerns are foremost in decision-makers minds.

Throughout 2016, Canadian journalists regularly sought Ploughshares’ research and experts for their reports on Canadian arms sales to Saudi Arabia. In addition, Ploughshares’ staff published opeds, blogs and reports. All of which contributed to a more informed public debate on this important issue.

"NGOs don’t have to be big to work. Project Ploughshares has been an uncompromising and commanding voice on nuclear disarmament and arms control and rightly measures success in terms of policy impact. The organization assesses its progress in relation to its overall goal of disarmament, rather than to an arbitrary cost-per-capita metric. But these kinds of organizations are becoming the exception, in no small part because they do not cede to political interests, nor are they conveniently positioned for Point of Purchase donation at Walmart.”

- Samantha Nutt
Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies, and Aid


Nuclear Disarmament


  • Participation in UN-established Open-Ended Working Group to take forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations.
  • Commentary and analysis on latest developments, including proposal to negotiate legally binding prohibition on nuclear weapons.
  • Meetings with officials, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Canadian Ambassador for Disarmament, and the UN High Representative for Disarmament to discuss ways forward on nuclear disarmament.
  • Participation in seminars organized by the Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

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Conventional Weapons Control 

  • Continued research and analysis concerning Canada’s multibillion-dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia as well as arms shipments from Canadian-owned Streit Group’s manufacturing facility in UAE to countries such as Sudan, South Sudan and Libya.
  • Close dialogue and collaboration with Global Affairs Canada—including the export controls division and the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs—on Canada’s accession to the Arms Trade Treaty.
  • Statement on behalf of international civil society delegates to the second Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty.
  • Testimony before Standing Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs.

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Space Security

  • Managed the production of Space Security Index 2016, the only report of its kind in the world.
  • Organized panel discussion event during UN General Assembly First Committee, in partnership with the Government of Canada.
  • Delivered statement on outer space security to plenary of UN General Assembly First Committee on behalf of international civil society.
  • Gave presentation on key outer space security trends before the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

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Refugees and Forced Migration

  • Produced major research paper on the humanitarian consequences of restrictive migration policies, in partnership with Doctors without Borders.
  • Hosted public panel discussion “Digging deeper: Policy and practitioner responses to the refugee crisis.”
  • Continued research and analysis on governance of migration crisis.

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Armed Conflicts Report 2017 Highlights 

From January to December 2016,
armed conflicts were waged in

No new conflicts were added to this year’s report, and one conflict was removed.

For the purposes of the annual Armed Conflicts Report, Project Ploughshares defines an armed conflict as: a political conflict in which armed combat involves the armed forces of at least one state (or one or more armed factions seeking to gain control of all or part of the state), and in which at least 1,000 people have been killed by the fighting during the course of the conflict.



Africa hosted 43% of 2016's armed conflicts

The most of any continent.

Africa led in contributions to peacekeeping missions

with 49,164 military, police, and observer deployments.

The United States, China and Saudi Arabia led the world in military spending

Once again, the U.S. outspent all countries by a wide margin, accounting for 40 per cent of global military spending.

In Colombia, FARC rebels and the government reached an agreement to end the country’s 52-year-long civil war

While this agreeement was narrowly rejected by in a popular referendum, a revised agreement was approved by Colombia’s congress on November 24 2016.

Despite the peace agreement, Colombia remained on the 2016 Armed Conflicts Report.

Colombia Conflict Report

In August 2016, after over 40 years of conflict, the National Democratic Front (NDFP) and the Filipino government agreed to a ceasefire and resumed peace talks.

Fewer than 25 CPP/NPA conflict deaths were reported in each of 2014, 2015, and 2016. The Philippines CPP/NPA conflict was thus removed from the ACR in 2016. The Philippines Mindanao conflict remains on the report.

Philippines CPP/NPA Conflict Report

The Syrian conflict, with almost 50,000 fatalities, was the deadliest in 2016.

According to unofficial United Nations figures, total fatalities in Syria—since the conflict began in 2011—have exceeded 400,000.

Syria Conflict Report
Armed conflicts continued to displace people at an alarming rate. According to the UNHCR, over
0 million
people remained displaced worldwide at the end of 2016.

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Governing Committee

Paul Berg-Dick Treasurer, Member-at-large • Paula Butler The United Church of Canada • Bob Clarke Canadian Yearly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends • Rev. Dr. James Christie Chair, Member-at-large • Samir Gassanov, Christian Reformed Church in North America
Debbie Grisdale The Anglican Church of Canada • Kathryn Hare The Presbyterian Church in Canada • Reina Neufeldt Member-at-large • Peter Noteboom Member-at-large Stephanie Brubacher, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada • Colin Read Canadian Unitarian Council •Vacant Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace • Jennifer Wiebe Mennonite Central Committee Canada


Kenneth Epps Policy Advisor on the Arms Trade Treaty • Debbie Hughes Assistant to the Directors • Tasneem Jamal Communications Officer • Cesar Jaramillo Executive Director • Branka Marijan Program Officer • Sonal Marwah Program Officer • Matthew Pupic Director of Finance and Development • Wendy Stocker Publications and Records Management Assistant • Barbara Wagner Financial Assistant • Jessica West Program Officer

Interns and Volunteers

Iseoluwa Christopher Akintunde McGill University • April Bradey University of Adelaide •
Stephen Garber George Washington University • William Gloster University of Adelaide •
Bayar Goswami McGill University • Joel Lisk University of Adelaide • Phillip MacFie The Presbyterian Church in Canada • Maria Manoli McGill University • Nella Pack George Washington University Law School • Soraya Pradhan University of Adelaide • Melissa Rees Wilfrid Laurier University • Jordan Sandel George Washington University Law School • Eng Teong See McGill University • Patrick Segsworth Peace and Human Security Intern • Tom Skevington University of Adelaide • Emelia Zibaei Wilfrid Laurier University

Financial Report 2016 

Operating Fund

Project Ploughshares is audited each year by an independent accounting firm, and accounts are maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The audited financial statements are available on request.

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