Featured Media: #12Days4Good

The #12days4good social media campaign was first launched by House of Friendship, inspired by the giving spirit during the holiday season, inviting local communities to give back through simple good deeds for 12 consecutive days in December. Simple good deeds can impact our communities in amazing ways!

On December 18, Project Ploughshares along with the Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement sought to raise awareness about the issue of autonomous weapons (also known as killer robots) and encouraged participants to share their concern about emerging technologies and warfare. Autonomous weapons systems that would be able to engage and select targets on their own without human intervention would cross a clear moral, ethical and legal line and make everyone a target. In March 2019, governments will meet at the United Nations in Geneva to discuss ways forward on the issue of autonomous weapons and there is a clear need for regulation banning these systems.

Download and print out your “I want to keep #KillerRobots fictional” selfie cards to promote action via social media.

Show your concern about autonomous weapons, support for international regulation banning these systems and encourage others to do so as well!

Featured Video: The Problem of Drones in Airports and Other Public Spaces

The recent drone-inspired shutdown of London’s Gatwick Airport was hugely disruptive. What can we do to prevent something like this happening again, at airports and elsewhere? Branka Marijan discusses the problem of drones in public spaces in this week’s video.

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Top trends in space in 2018!

A core part of program officer Jessica West’s job is to look holistically at how states, companies and people make use of outer space, which is core to the Space Security Index project. Looking back at 2018, three main stories stand out, and speak to why we do this work. Space is big both physically and metaphorically – so it’s critical that we start asking big questions.

Cesar Jaramillo on the Global Compact for Migration

This week in the office Executive Director Cesar Jaramillo talks about the Global Compact for Migration, as well as the sectors that are opposing it.

Cesar Jaramillio Testimony on Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia

Check out Executive Director Cesar Jaramillo’s testimony to the Senate of Canada challenging Canada’s justifications for arming human-rights pariah Saudi Arabia.

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Selections from Ploughshares’ 35th

Selections from Project Ploughshares 35th Anniversary Event Keynote Address by Samantha Nutt, founder of War Child and author of Damned Nations: Guns, Greed, Armies, and Aid.

Listen to Samantha Nutt reflect on issues “plaguing our planet and why the work of Ploughshares is so important.” (mp3 clip length: 22:17)

Listen to Samantha Nutt recommend four ways you can help. (mp3 clip length: 8:17)

February 27, 2012 Knox Presbyterian Church, Waterloo