Damned Nations: Greed Guns Armies & Aid

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We at Ploughshares highly recommend the new book by War Child’s Samantha Nutt, Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies, and Aid, the critically acclaimed account of her decades of work in some of the most devastated corners of the world. We were pleased to note that on page 153, she acknowledges the work of Project Ploughshares:

“NGOs don’t have to be big to work. Project Ploughshares, for example, has been an uncompromising and commanding voice on nuclear disarmament and arms control for thirty-five years, and rightly measures success in terms of policy impact. The organization assesses its progress in relation to its overall goal of disarmament, rather than to an arbitrary cost-per-capita metric. But these kinds of organizations are becoming the exception, in no small part because they do not cede to political interests, nor are they conveniently positioned for Point of Purchase donation at Walmart (especially not, given Walmart’s record of firearms sales). The opposing view is that small and medium-sized organizations unable to sustain themselves without government funding should simply be allowed to collapse, and that the world will be no worse for it.”

Thank you, Samantha, for the above and for your tireless work.

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