Did you use your cellphone today?

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You are using the Internet right now. Perhaps earlier today you watched television; checked the weather forecast; used an ATM machine; or a GPS device.

If something happened in the Earth’s orbit  –  satellites crashing into each other; satellites crashing into debris; a deliberate attack of one satellite on another –  these simple things you did today and expect to do tomorrow would cease to function.

Satellites and the space in which they orbit affect us directly.

The security of space – how free it is of debris; how free it is of weapons and control by individual states – is central to how each of us conducts our day-to-day lives.

Project Ploughshares is dedicated to space security and the non-weaponization of space.

Our Space Security Index is the first and only annual, comprehensive and integrated assessment of space security. It is a project that examines trends and developments in space security based on primary, open-source research in an annual report called Space Security.

We encourage dialogue on space security challenges by providing the facts necessary for an informed debate.

Learn more about our program work on Space Security.

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