War Child launches campaign to protect childhood


War Child has launched a campaign to protect the childhood of children living in war-affected communities worldwide. Read the news release below:

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For immediate release:

Tuesday, October, 23rd, 2012 – Toronto, ON – War Child is excited to launch a provocative new campaign on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 that draws attention to the importance of protecting the childhood of millions of children living in war-affected communities. The campaign features a powerful public service announcement (PSA), entitled “JAM,” which was created by award-winning advertising agency, john st., War Child’s pro-bono partner.

Childhood is a pivotal time in our lives. But it is also fragile, and can be easily corrupted by the effects of war. By providing access to education, opportunity and justice, War Child gives children in war-affected communities the chance to reclaim their childhood and break the cycle of poverty and violence.

“If childhood is taken away and replaced with the brutality of war, the chances of a society becoming trapped in a cycle of violence and poverty are greatly increased. War Child’s intention is to restore the opportunities for emotional, intellectual and social development that a stable childhood brings and thereby breaks that cycle,” said War Child’s COO, Dr. Lorna Read. “Through this campaign, we are aiming to focus public attention on a way forward for children and communities affected by war and start a conversation around the importance of childhood in fostering peace. We believe that childhood is one of the most precious of resources, and we have a responsibility to protect it, rescue it, and restore it.”

In order to promote this important message, john st. created a striking online video that shows just how powerful childhood can be. In the video, icons of childhood prevent acts of violence from continuing to tear apart communities and destroy lives. The PSA was directed by Henry Lu and was made possible with a significant donation of one million Aeroplan Miles from Aeroplan’s Beyond Miles Program.

The video is complemented by updates to War Child’s website, as well as posters, print, and an upcoming social media extension that will ask people to reflect and share the ways in which their childhood has shaped the person they are today.

The War Child PSA, “JAM,” can be viewed at:

War Child is an internationally recognized charity that works with war-affected communities to help children reclaim their childhood through access to education, opportunity and justice. War Child takes an active role in raising public awareness around the impact of war on communities and the shared responsibility to act.


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