In Memoriam – Shirley Farlinger (1930 – 2012)


Today we join with the family and friends of Shirley Farlinger in giving thanks for her life and her life-long contributions to advancing peace. Thank you for the strength shown in fighting for the many issues to which you gave your time and passion.

Shirley was an integral part of Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, Pugwash Canada, Science for Peace, and a supporter of Project Ploughshares. Peace Magazine lists 73 articles and book reviews that Shirley contributed starting in 1985. There also are poetry collections and plays, often dealing with peace.

Shirley wrote the story of the United Church Peacemaking Fund, which also served as a model in the early 1990s to construct the United Church’s Healing Fund to support community responses to the history and legacy of Indian Residential Schools. Shirley also served on a United Church committee on the ethics of nuclear waste management and disposal.

Despite a long struggle with cancer that took her life on December 18, 2012, Shirley was at an event in September in support of allowing Kimberly Rivera, a United States military defector, to stay Canada.

For these and all the other contributions Shirley made to advancing peace, to making Canada a more just country, and to making the world a better place, we want to say thank you to God and to the community of faith in all its diversity that sustained and encouraged her.

It is tempting to feel alone when we lose a friend and colleague like Shirley Farlinger, but we can take comfort from the opening words of The United Church of Canada Creed:  “We are not alone, we live in God’s world.”

Shirley’s obituary can be read here.


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