Ploughshares helps to establish an ATT Monitor

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In October Ploughshares Senior Program Officer Kenneth Epps began a six-month consultancy with the international Control Arms Coalition on the establishment of a global monitoring process for the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Epps is partnering with Peter Herby, an international legal expert with decades of experience with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Their goal is to develop a comprehensive proposal for an ATT Monitor program that will encourage states to adopt treaty standards and hold them to account when they do not. The work includes consultations with civil society, academic, and government experts and stakeholders across the globe, and draws on the expertise and experience gained from other related treaty monitoring processes. Epps and Herby will identify key areas and methodologies for ongoing monitoring of treaty implementation by civil society. The consultation process itself will build international support for implementing the ATT monitoring process once the treaty comes into force, expected in 2015.

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