Ernie and Nancy Regehr Meeting Room officially opens


The Governing Committee of Project Ploughshares was joined by family and friends of the Regehrs on November 29, 2014 to celebrate the official opening of the Ernie and Nancy Regehr Meeting Room in the Mennonite Savings and Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement at Conrad Grebel at Conrad Grebel University College. The meeting room is used by Project Ploughshares and others at the College to meet, plan, and coordinate projects and other activities. Past chairs and members of the board of Project Ploughshares led the fundraising effort to honour the Regehrs in this way. (Scroll down for more photos.)

Ernie Regehr is co-founder of Project Ploughshares (launched in 1976) and served as its Executive Director for 29 years. He has also had extensive involvement with Conrad Grebel University College. A college alumnus, he became Adjunct Associate Professor in Peace and Conflict Studies, served as the College’s Interim President for 14 months in 1994-95, and is currently a Research Fellow of the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies.

Nancy Regehr, an alumna of the college, was Associate Executive Director of Project Ploughshares, and for 30 years provided leadership in administration, financial management, and fundraising.

Some more photos from the event follow.


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