Ploughshares in the news: January 2016


January 18, 2016

January 4

The Globe and Mail: Ottawa going ahead with Saudi arms deal despite condemning executions (quotes Cesar) By Steven Chase

January 5

The Globe and Mail: Critics push Ottawa to explain justification for Saudi arms deal (quotes Ken) By Steven Chase

Common (progressive news hub): Canada Condemns Saudi Executions, But Arms Sales Speak Louder Than Words (quotes “Ploughshares”) By Sarah Lazare

The Independent: Canada ‘no intention’ to cancel $15bn arms deal with Saudi Arabia – despite condemning execution of 47 (quotes Cesar via Globe article) By Ashley Cowburn

January 6

Canadian Press wire service, by Mike Blanchfield (quotes Cesar)

Ran in following newspapers:

January 7

The Globe and Mail: Armoured vehicles in Saudi deal will pack lethal punch (quotes Ken) By Steven Chase and Daniel Leblanc

January 8

Ottawa Citizen: Liberals face calls for transparency on arms exports (quotes Ken) By Lee Berthiaume

CBC Day 6: Is Canada failing to live up to its human rights commitments with its arms deals? (Interview with Cesar)

Middle East Eye: Canada under pressure over $15bn arms deal with Saudi Arabia (quotes Ken)  By Jillian D’Amours

January 9

Opinion: Nuclear weapons are unacceptable in the hands of any nation OpEd by Cesar

January 12

The Globe and Mail
Canadian allies grow uneasy about weapons sales to Saudi Arabia (quotes Cesar) By Steven Chase

January 13

Waterloo Region Record: Opinion: Saudi arms deal will shape Canada’s character OpEd by Cesar

January 14

Homes not bombs (blog): Cozy Canada-Saudi Relationship Guarantees Blockbuster Weapons Sales (quotes Ken)

By Matthew Behrens

This piece also ran, with some modifications, in Now MagazineHow Justin Trudeau could help remake Middle East politics

January 15

The Globe and Mail: Ottawa can’t reveal arms-export numbers (quotes Ken) By Steven Chase The murky world of Canada’s arms manufacturing (quotes Ken) by Eva Salinas

January 18

The Globe and Mail: Canadians: Keep asking questions about our Saudi arms deal OpEd by Cesar

 January 20

iPolitics: Canada’s weapons exports grew more than 89 per cent under Harper (quotes Ken) By Elizabeth Thompson

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