About Us


Founded in 1976, Project Ploughshares is the peace research institute of The Canadian Council of Churches that works with churches, governments, and civil society, in Canada and abroad, to advance policies and actions to prevent war and armed violence and build peace.

Project Ploughshares provides expertise and analysis to the council and its members on peace and security issues, and assists them in shaping an ecumenical response to those issues.

The work of Project Ploughshares is rooted in the ethics of Christianity – namely: peace, reconciliation, and justice – but Project Ploughshares grounds its research in careful analyses of facts and presents its findings in reasoned, public-policy language.

Policy work and program implementation are often carried out in collaboration with other Canadian and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Project Ploughshares is a member of the Canadian Council for International Co-operationPeacebuild, the Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN, winner of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize), and the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, and is on the Steering Board of the Control Arms Coalition and the International Action Network on Small Arms.

Project Ploughshares operates out of The Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement (CPA) at Conrad Grebel University College on the University of Waterloo campus. The CPA is home to University of Waterloo faculty and graduate students, as well as peace-oriented entrepreneurs and established organizations from the region’s vibrant peacebuilding community.

Our Unique Contribution

Government officials and politicians in Canada and abroad have come to expect high-quality and accurate research, as well as forthright presentations of concrete policy options. The views of Project Ploughshares are listened to and sought out by decisionmakers.

We work within the wider NGO community to inform the general public on issues such as nuclear disarmament, ballistic missile defence, the arms trade, space security, Canada’s role in Afghanistan, and Canadian security spending.

Project Ploughshares has a broad and engaged constituency in Canada, which includes nine sponsoring churches and a donor constituency of approximately 5,000 individuals.

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