Project Ploughshares Co-founder Ernie Regehr was awarded the 2010 Pearson Peace Medal by Governor-General David Johnston in January 2011. Co-founder Murray Thomson was awarded the Pearson Peace Medal in 2000. Murray and Ernie were appointed Officers of the Order of Canada in 2001 and 2003 respectively. Ernie was awarded the World Peace Award of the World Federalist Movement (Canada) in 2006 and the Arthur Kroeger College Award for Ethics and Public Affairs in 2008.

Timeline of Highlights


Marks 40 years of continuous work in pursuit of a more just, peaceful and secure world.


Draws attention to questions surrounding Canada’s $15-billion military exports deal with Saudi Arabia.

In collaboration with Canadian churches, helps prepare letter to the Prime Minister on Canada’s military mission in Iraq and Syria.

Participates in first Conference of States Parties to the ATT in Mexico.


The UN diplomatic conference to negotiate the Arms Trade Treaty is held in New York. Project Ploughshares participates as “co-chair” of the Control Arms coalition. After month-long negotiations, delegates at the UN fail to reach consensus and agree on an Arms Trade Treaty.


With Canadian Control Arms partners, Project Ploughshares briefs Parliamentarians from all parties on the “final” treaty negotiations later in the month. Three opposition parties subsequently raise questions on Canada and the ATT in the House of Commons.


With funding from the Canadian government, Project Ploughshares assists the organization and hosting of an ATT roundtable for the MERCOSUR subregion of South America. In preparation for the July diplomatic conference, the roundtable is held at the Senate building in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Participants include government officials and civil society representatives.

Canadian Control Arms coalition members, including Project Ploughshares, appear as witnesses before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development about the Arms Trade Treaty.

The UN diplomatic conference to negotiate the Arms Trade Treaty is held in New York. Project Ploughshares participates as “co-chair” of the Control Arms coalition.


Prepares a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper on behalf of Canadian churches on nuclear disarmamentBriefs the House of Commons standing committees on Canadian Forces in Afghanistan and the proposed Joint Strike Fighter purchase

Launches Caribbean projects to strengthen Arms Trade Treaty negotiations and reduce gun violence


Co-writes an ecumenical brief calling on the government to pay increased attention to diplomacy and reconciliation in Afghanistan


Works with international NGOs in developing core principles for a global Arms Trade Treaty

Supports Million Faces Petition calling for control of irresponsible arms transfers


Launches a project to support the peace process in Sudan

Advisor to the Canadian delegation to the UN NPT Review Conference

Sends a letter to Prime Minister Paul Martin on Canadian military export policy

Holds consultations in East, West, and Southern Africa on the Responsibility to Protect


Co-writes  Prepare for Peace in Iraq, endorsed by 40,000 Canadians, which influences Canada’s decision not to participate in the Iraq war

Research on ballistic missile defence informs the government’s decision to decline participation in U.S. system

Initiates the Space Security Index project

Begins tracking States Parties’ reporting to the NPT conferences


Member of Canadian delegation at UN session that adopts the Programme of Action on small arms

Holds international workshops on small arms and arms embargoes Explores humanitarian intervention issues


Member of Canadian delegation at the UN NPT Review Conference Assists the Kenyan government in drafting the Nairobi Declaration, a regional small arms agreement

Works with the World Council of Churches on NATO nuclear policy


Leads a church leaders’ delegation to meeting with Prime Minister Jean Chretien to discuss nuclear disarmament  and NATO bombing in Kosovo

Initiates the Sudan Track II diplomacy and dialogue project


Participates in the process leading up to the signing of the Ottawa Landmines Treaty

Endorses Code of Conduct on arms transfers


Conducts cross-country roundtables on nuclear disarmament that leads to the Canadian government’s review of its nuclear policy and its subsequent pivotal report


Participates in a parliamentary review of Canada’s defence and foreign policy Co-founds Mines Action Canada


Helps to establish and co-ordinate the International Resource Group on Disarmament and Security in the Horn of Africa


Sponsors a newspaper ad calling for diplomacy in the Persian Gulf crisis and travels with a church delegation to the Middle East

Represents Canada on a group of governmental  experts that develops  the UN Register of Conventional Arms


Briefs the House of Commons standing committees on the Persian Gulf crisis, NORAD and Canadian security spending


Organizes a campaign in which Canadians send two million postcards to MPs imploring them to oppose the modernization of nuclear weapons Publishes policy on Arctic security


Publishes the first Armed Conflicts Report

Responds to the 1987 white paper on defence policy in a letter to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney


Creates the only database of Canadian military production and exports


Presents a brief on Strategic Defence Initiative before the Special Joint Committee on Canada’s International Relations


Leads a church leaders’ delegation to meetings with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau on nuclear disarmament

Publishes Canada and the Nuclear Arms Race, the first comprehensive analysis of Canada’s response to the nuclear weapons crisis


Co-sponsors a newspaper ad calling on Canada to take bold action against nuclear disarmament


Produces a study of Canada and U.S. defence relations for a UN Group of Governmental Experts


Publishes the first issue of The Ploughshares Monitor


Founded by Ernie Regehr and Murray Thomson

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