Caribbean Gun Crime

Project Ploughshares works to strengthen the capacity of governments and civil society in the Caribbean to reduce gun violence and crime

  1. Research on Private Security Companies (PSCs).  Private security is big business in the Caribbean yet scant documentation exists about companies in the sub-region and state oversight of the industry varies widely. The research aims to understand the impact of the industry’s growth on security in selected Caribbean countries and to provide information for developing policies on the regulation and oversight of the PSC industry and on public sector and private security cooperation. The research is undertaken in collaboration with the Institute of International Relations, The University of the West Indies and the support of the International Development Research Centre
  2. Building Peaceful Communities, a three-year project funded by CIDA that provided research, training and institutional support to strengthen the capacity of the civil society coalition Caribbean Coalition on Development and Reduction of Armed Violence (CDRAV).  CDRAV is a strong proponent of small arms control and armed violence reduction in the CARICOM agenda and is influencing policy development.
  3. Arms Trade Treaty negotiations assisted CARICOM member states in their preparations for negotiations leading to the Treaty conference in 2012 at the United Nations. This project was funded by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada through the Global Peace and Security Fund Program.
  4. Assistance to CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS), the regional organization mandated by CARICOM governments to coordinate the fight on crime and the regional point of contact on small arms. The project improved engagement and outreach with CARICOM states and civil society. It also raised IMPACS profile and strengthened its linkages with international initiatives such as the Arms Trade Treaty.  The project was funded by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada through the Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program.
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