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Throughout 2018, Project Ploughshares continued to produce evidence-based research and to communicate the policy implications of such research to a wide range of stakeholders—in Canada and abroad—including the general public, various church denominations, and government officials. With public outreach efforts, in-house and external publications, engagement with government officials and civil society colleagues, and participation at numerous key processes, we endeavoured to advance our core mission and long-term objective of a more just, peaceful, and secure world.

A few highlights:

  • Project Ploughshares participated in the second Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) for the 2020 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). At the NPT PrepCom, Project Ploughshares delivered one of the civil-society statements to the Plenary and spoke on a panel about challenges facing the global nuclear-disarmament and non-proliferation regime.
  • Project Ploughshares continued to research Canada’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia, providing commentary and analysis for in-house and external publications and media outlets. As part of a coalition of Canadian civil society groups, Project Ploughshares contributed to efforts to address shortcomings in the federal government’s proposed legislation concerning Canada’s accession to the Arms Trade Treaty (Bill C-47 and related regulations), including various joint submissions to Global Affairs Canada.
  • Project Ploughshares became more deeply involved in the issue of Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas, which constitutes a significant danger to civilians during armed conflict. We collaborated closely with the International Network on Explosive Weapons (INEW), and participated in regional outreach efforts to lay the groundwork for the negotiation of an international Political Declaration to stop the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.
  • Project Ploughshares managed the production of Space Security Index 2018—the latest volume in the only annual, comprehensive assessment of outer space security in the world. As part of this process, we organized the annual Space Security Working Group experts’ meeting in collaboration with McGill University in Montreal.
  • Project Ploughshares continued its engagement with the international Campaign to Stop Killer Robots. As well as participating in national and international events, we produced publications on ethical and governance challenges related to the development of autonomous weapons systems, focusing on the need for meaningful human control.

I invite you to read through our Annual Report for more details on our work last year.

Established in 1976, Project Ploughshares is an operating division of the Canadian Council of Churches that supports arms reduction and control, nuclear disarmament, space security,
and peacebuilding efforts around the globe.
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PROJECT PLOUGHSHARES is a Canadian peace research institute with a focus on disarmament efforts and international security, specifically in the areas of the arms trade, emerging military and security technologies, nuclear weapons, and outer space security.
Project Ploughshares is the peace research institute of The Canadian Council of Churches.
Project Ploughshares operates out of The Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement (CPA) at Conrad Grebel University College on the University of Waterloo campus. The CPA is home to University of Waterloo faculty and graduate students, as well as peace-oriented entrepreneurs and established local peacebuilding organizations.
Policy work and program implementation are often carried out in collaboration with other nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), in Canada and internationally.

Project Ploughshares is a member of the following groups:

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
Campaign to Stop Killer Robots
Canadian Council for International Co-operation
Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
International Action Network on Small Arms


Nuclear Weapons

Today, nearly 15,000 nuclear warheads threaten civilization. Arguments in favour of the purported benefits of possessing nuclear weapons are being challenged by a renewed emphasis on the humanitarian imperative for disarmament.

In 2018 Ploughshares staff:

  • encouraged the universalization of the ban treaty, including working to encourage Canada’s support and signature;
  • attended the Second Preparatory Committee for the 2020 Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in Geneva in April/May, and the UN First Committee in New York in October;
  • monitored potential nuclear security flashpoints, including the situation in the Korean peninsula and the implementation of the JCPOA (Iran nuclear deal);
  • monitored the 2018 UN High Level Conference on Nuclear Disarmament in May.

Go to the Nuclear Disarmament Page

Arms Trade Treaty

Irresponsible arms transfers exacerbate armed conflict, sustain repressive regimes, and enable those regimes to violate the human rights of their citizens. Ploughshares research and analysis aims to support efforts to curb irresponsible arms exports and monitor implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which calls on states to set the highest possible standards to better regulate the global arms trade.

In 2018 Ploughshares staff:

  • monitored Canada’s process to accede to the ATT, including Bill C-47, the draft legislation proposed by Ottawa for this purpose, and liaised with both government officials and Canadian civil society colleagues on this file.
  • attended the 2018 Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty, as well as the Preparatory Committee meetings for this conference.
  • continued to scrutinize Canada’s arms trade, including the multi-billion-dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

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Space Security

Earth is becoming more and more reliant on outer space for social, scientific, and economic benefits at a time when no clear regulations exist to prevent an arms race in outer space.

In 2018 Ploughshares staff:

  • managed and produced the 15th volume of the Space Security Index (SSI), the annual, comprehensive, and systematic assessment of international developments that have an impact on the security of outer space;
  • presented at the 2018 Canadian Space Commerce Association SmallSat Symposium on the topic of security and small satellites.

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Refugees and Forced Migration

    Any long-term solution to the unprecedented global refugee crisis must address the drivers of forced migration: armed conflict, repressive regimes, the influx of weapons.

    In 2018 Ploughshares staff:

    • advocated for humanitarian assistance, security sector reform, arms control, human rights, and the rule of law;
    • followed up on the U.S.-Canada Safe Third Country Agreement legal challenge and closely monitored irregular migration into Canada and the responses of the Canadian government;
    • conducted research on drivers of conflict-induced forced migration, particularly the role and impact of conventional weapons and armed conflicts.

    Go to the Refugee and Force Migration Page

    Emerging Technologies

    Technological advancements continue to pose new challenges for global security. While some applications have clear societal benefits, others threaten to be destabilizing and dangerous. Ploughshares participated in UN discussions on autonomous weapons, conducted research and advocacy on the humanitarian implications of emerging technologies, and hosted public events on autonomous weapons systems.

    In 2018 Ploughshares staff:

    • attended Meetings of the Group of Governmental Experts on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems at the United Nations in Geneva in April and August;
    • presented at side event briefings on the issue of autonomous weapons and gender considerations in August;
    • presented at a side event briefing entitled “Retaining Meaningful Human Control of Weapons Systems” during the First Committee on Disarmament and International Security in October.

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    Governing Committee

    Paul Berg-Dick Treasurer Member-at-large (ended May 2018)
    Paula Butler The United Church of Canada
    Bob Clarke Vice Chair, Canadian Yearly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends
    Rev. Dr. James Christie Chair, Member-at-large
    Samir Gassanov Christian Reformed Church in North America (ended May 2018)
    Kathryn Hare Incoming Treasurer, The Presbyterian Church in Canada
    Dwayne Hodgson The Anglican Church of Canada
    Reina Neufeldt Member-at-large
    Stephanie Brubacher Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
    Colin Read Canadian Unitarian Council
    Rebekah Sears Mennonite Central Committee Canada (started May 2018)
    Jennifer Wiebe Mennonite Central Committee Canada (ended May 2018)
    Vacant Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace


    Julia Bandura Admin Assistant & Donor Relations (started April 2018)
    Kenneth Epps Policy Advisor on the Arms Trade Treaty
    Debbie Hughes Assistant to the Directors (ended April 2018)
    Tasneem Jamal Communications Officer
    Cesar Jaramillo Executive Director
    Branka Marijan Program Officer
    Sonal Marwah Program Officer
    Matthew Pupic Director of Operations
    Ben Skinner Multimedia Assistant
    Wendy Stocker Editor and Archivist
    Barbara Wagner Donor Services Administrator
    Jessica West Program Officer

    Interns and Volunteers

    Valerie Bastien-Dupuis McGill University • Chris Beauregard George Washington University • Lachlan Blake University of Adelaide • Emilio Castillo Wilfrid Laurier University • Jamil Castillo McGill University • Paul Esau Communications Intern • India Hopkins University of Adelaide • Naime Isaj Wilfrid Laurier University • Selena Jones Wilfrid Laurier University • Cody Knipfer George Washington University • Craig Martin University of Adelaide • Nizar Mohamad Peace and Security Intern • Andrea Morales Wilfrid Laurier University • Kirin Nair McGill University • Clare Nolan University of Adelaide • Lukas Price University of Adelaide • Mathuraa Puwaneshwaran Wilfrid Laurier University • Frankie Rodney University of Adelaide • Ana Savic Wilfrid Laurier University • Julia Selman McGill University • Rachel Solway Wilfrid Laurier University • Claire Wilhelm George Washington University

    Financial Report 2016 

    Operating Fund

    Project Ploughshares is audited each year by an independent accounting firm, and accounts are maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The audited financial statements are available on request.

    Thank You. 

    In 2018, thousands of individuals, organizations, and churches, including those listed in the following pages, generously provided over three-quarters of our funding.

    We are also grateful to our sponsoring churches and to The Simons Foundation in Vancouver for its generous financial support.

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      Gordon L. Toombs
      1 Anonymous Donor

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      Daly Foundation Sisters of
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      Rev John R. Barker
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      D. Colin McGregor

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      Phyllis J. Waters
      Anne Winter
      Canadian Friends Service Committee
      Community Foundation of Ottawa
      Congregation of Notre Dame, Visitation Province Inc

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