Featured Video: Jessica West on India’s Recent Anti-Satellite Test

“India probably proclaimed that this anti-satellite test puts it in an elite club of major space powers, and that sends a message that to have power in outer space and to be among the elite means that you demonstrate a weapons capability and could insentivize others to do the same, much as we’ve seen with nuclear weapons”
This week in the office, Program Officer Jessica West discusses the global implications of India’s recent anti-satellite test.

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Space Force or Space Peace?

Experts from 25 countries, including China, Russia, Britain, and the United States, are participating in a 10-day meeting at the United Nations in Geneva for talks that aim to build a basic consensus on a list of elements that could one day be part of a possible agreement on space.

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Selections from Ploughshares’ 35th

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February 27, 2012 Knox Presbyterian Church, Waterloo

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