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Featured Video –  “From Safety to Security: Extending norms of behaviour in space”

In this video, Project Ploughshares Senior Researcher Jessica West presents work conducted as part of a project funded by the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) Mobilizing Insights in National Defence (MINDS) program to generate knowledge about how existing and emerging norms of responsible behaviour in outer space can be applied to contemporary space-based military capabilities and activities. The goal is to create a roadmap of relevant and achievable practices that can be used to provide leadership in shaping international norms for responsible behaviour in space.

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Event Recording: Death by Algorithm

By late 2020, the United Nations discussions on autonomous weapons, or killer robots, stalled. Some countries were against continuing discussions in the hybrid virtual/in-person format dictated by the ongoing pandemic. There is some indication that efforts to resume CCW talks are ongoing, but so far little information has been made public. While these talks have stalled, the push for greater autonomy and use of AI in weapons has continued. Loitering and collaborative munitions, autonomous tanks, and uncrewed vehicles developments indicate incorporation of more AI tech in weapons systems.

Canada and the Arms Trade

In 2019, Canada acceded to the Arms Trade Treaty, the first binding international framework to control the trade and transfer of weapons systems. That year, Canada also exported more weapons abroad than at any point in its history. Many of these arms were sold to repressive regimes and fueled some of the world’s most heinous conflicts. This virtual discussion on Canada’s past and present role in the international arms trade focuses on a few key issues: -The drivers and outcomes of Canada’s growing weapons exports; -Which countries are receiving Canadian arms, and the conflicts in which they are being used; -The legal and humanitarian ramifications of these trends.

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Selections from Ploughshares’ 35th

Selections from Project Ploughshares 35th Anniversary Event Keynote Address by Samantha Nutt, founder of War Child and author of Damned Nations: Guns, Greed, Armies, and Aid.

Listen to Samantha Nutt reflect on issues “plaguing our planet and why the work of Ploughshares is so important.” (mp3 clip length: 22:17)

Listen to Samantha Nutt recommend four ways you can help. (mp3 clip length: 8:17)

February 27, 2012 Knox Presbyterian Church, Waterloo

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