Securing the Peaceful Use of Space for Future Generations: Roundtable

Tasneem Jamal Space Security

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Project Ploughshares
57 Erb Street West
Waterloo, ON

23-25 May 2012

Roundtable Program

23 May 2012                                 

17:00        Dinner: Solé Restaurant. 83 Erb Street West, Waterloo, ON

19:00         Keynote address by Yousaf Butt: “Indefensible Missile Defense” 

Location: CIGI Campus Auditorium. 67 Erb Street West, Waterloo, ON

24 May 2012                                 

08:45         Opening remarks

Location: Seagram Room. 57 Erb Street West, Waterloo, ON

09:00        Session 1: Prospects for a robust normative framework for space activities

Chair: Walter Dorn – Canadian Forces College


  • Joanne Gabrynowicz – University of Mississippi
    Topic: Evolution of the international normative regime for outer space activities
  • Li Juqian – China University of Political Science and Law
    Topic: Space Sustainability and the 2012 Space Assets Protocol
  •  Paul Meyer – The Simons Foundation
    Topic: Securing the Cosmos: International Proposals for Preventing an Arms Race in Outer Space
  •  Michael Spies – United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs
    Topic: UN Group of Governmental Experts on Space

10:45        Break

11:15        Session 2: One domain, multiple perspectives

Chair: Cesar Jaramillo – Project Ploughshares


  • Julie Crôteau – Foreign Affairs Canada
    Topic: Canada’s positions on space sustainability
  • Jana Robinson – European Space Policy Institute
    Topic: Europe’s emerging policy toward space security
  • Ajey Lele – Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses (India)
    Topic: India’s Space Program

13:00                Lunch

14:00        Session 3: Space security implications of missile defense

Chair: Phyllis Creighton – Science for Peace


  • Bruce Gagnon – Global Network against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
    Topic: Links between missile defense and space security
  • Yousaf Butt – Federation of American Scientists
    Topic: ASAT capabilities of missile defense systems

15:15        Break

15:45        Session 4: Growing diversity of actors in space and environmental threats

Chair: Adele Buckley – Canadian Pugwash Group


17:00        Day 1 Closing

25 May 2012                                 

09:00        Session 5: The Way Forward

Chair: John Siebert – Project Ploughshares


  • Cesar Jaramillo – Project Ploughshares
    Topic: Questions about self-defense provisions in space security arrangements
  • Ray Acheson – Reaching Critical Will
    Topic: The role of civil society in the promotion of space sustainability

10:45                Break

11:15        Session 7: Consideration of a draft “Waterloo Declaration on Space Sustainability” containing recommendations arising from the conference.

12:30                Lunch

13:30         Session 7 (continued)

14:30                 Closing