A Statement from the Chair of Project Ploughshares

Scott Kline News

October 23, 2014

Our deepest condolences go to the families and friends of the Canadian Armed Forces members whose lives were needlessly taken this week.

The disturbing events in Ottawa yesterday, and earlier in the week in Quebec, remind us of the high cost that violence exacts on those directly affected and to the broader community. Canada’s democratic institutions were attacked in these acts. As a result, fear and uncertainty increased rather than confidence being built in political dialogue to address differences and avoid violence.

As we join with all Canadians of good will in mourning, we also rededicate ourselves to the principles and traditions that make Canada strong: respect for diversity, tolerance of differences, and adherence to the rule of law even in response to the most disturbing breaches of acceptable human behaviour.

In the aftermath of the attacks in the United States in September 2001, Project Ploughshares outlined several principles that should be considered as Canada responded to terror attacks. The main points remain relevant in light of the attacks in Canada this week.

The Brief entitled, “Responding to Terror,” is available here.

Dr. Scott Kline Chair of the Governing Committee Project Ploughshares

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