Armed Conflicts Report 2016 Summary

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The number of armed conflicts in 2015 remained unchanged from 2014. There were 29 conflicts in 26 countries. No conflicts were removed from the Armed Conflicts Report and no new ones were added. The Philippines CPP/NPA conflict had fewer than 25 deaths. However, it remained on the list as no formal ceasefire was signed and the death total for only one of the two preceding years fell below the 25-death threshold.

Africa continued to have the most conflicts (12), while the Americas had the fewest (one). In 2015, the three deadliest conflicts were Syria (55,219), Iraq (12,504), and Nigeria (10,933). Major conflict also occurred in Ukraine and Yemen. By contrast, low-intensity conflict continued to smolder in countries such as Algeria (138 conflict deaths) and Kashmir (174 conflict deaths). On a positive note, the number of conflict deaths declined in Columbia and Burma. Significant progress toward peace was made in both countries.

Project Ploughshares has reported annually on armed conflict since 1987.

(covering the period January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015)

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