Addressing Armed Violence in East Africa

John Siebert Armed Conflicts

John Siebert and Kenneth Epps

To date, development interventions and disarmament efforts have not routinely been linked in building sustainable development and sustainable peace in response to situations of armed conflict. This is surprising, for it is widely recognized that assistance delivered without sensitivity to conflict dynamics can frustrate problems and destroy the usefulness of investment.

Produced by Project Ploughshares and World Vision Canada, this report, based on interviews with participants of World Vision programs in Kenya, Uganda and Southern Sudan, documents contributions made by World Vision peace building and development initiatives in reducing armed violence. It is presented using the “armed violence lens” created for the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, which emphasises four elements relating to armed violence: affected populations, perpetrators, the instruments of violence, and the institutional or cultural environment.

The report is part of a broader, cooperative study between Project Ploughshares and World Vision. It aims to contribute to the growing body of evidence-based research documenting the link between reducing armed violence and increasing development and relief programming.

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