Building the Capacity for Sustainable Peace in Sudan: Roundtable Report

Tasneem Jamal

Conflict in Sudan is part of a larger conflict system involving both internal as well as regional actors and dimensions. For this reason, approaches to peace must maintain a broad outlook.  According to Bethuel Kiplagat, Executive Director of Africa Peace Forum, signing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), or any other peace agreement, is not necessarily a solution to the problems facing Sudan. Regional trends – such as multiplicity of actors overshadowing a fairly nascent government – foreshadow a difficult process and there remains much to be done in order to consolidate peace and prevent backsliding.
This report provides an overview of meetings hosted by Project Ploughshares and the Africa Peace Forum (APFO) in Juba, Sudan. The meetings were part of a joint project meant to facilitate dialogue around the implementation of the CPA. Resulting recommendations include: (1) the Core Group advising the government of Southern Sudan should be formalized and joined by the APFO; (2) policies regarding arms control must be created; (3)  the APFO should consider the viability of a regional forum on small arms issues; (4) the formation of a regional resource group should be considered; (5) APFO should join with RECSA in implementing its regional strategy on small arms; and (6) a forum should be held to expose national actors to the provisions of the Nairobi Declaration/Protocol.

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