Canada’s Latest Report on Military Exports

Kenneth Epps

Kenneth Epps

The Ploughshares Monitor Spring 2008 Volume 29 Issue 1

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The latest government report on Canada’s arms exports was released at the end of 2007—more than three years late. The report shows that recent non-US Canadian military exports have been concentrated in shipments by one company to a few recipient states and that arms shipments continued to governments at war and involved in human rights abuses. The new report also represents a reversal in government transparency.

The Canadian government belatedly released its Report on Exports of Military Goods from Canada (Export Controls Bureau 2007) in December 2007. Unlike all other reports since the first in 1991, this latest does not document details for a single calendar year. Instead, the report is a triple issue that contains military goods export figures for the three-year period 2003–2005.

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