Canadian Council of Churches Letter on Nuclear Weapons

Ploughshares Nuclear Weapons

The Canadian Council of Churches (CCC) has written to Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, requesting that the Canadian government take specific steps during the Preparatory Committee of the Non-Proliferation Treaty meeting, 28 April – 9 May 2014, at the United Nations.

The CCC asks that the government highlight, affirm or acknowledge in its statements the following: affirm the new momentum toward a ban on nuclear weapons on humanitarian grounds; reference the ways in which a humanitarian ban on nuclear weapons would enhance states parties’ capacity to achieve the NPT’s goals; and join the Vienna Conference – announce at the NPT Preparatory Committee that our government will participate in the 3rd International Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, to be convened by Austria in late 2014.

The World Council of Churches “[rejects] the claim that any nation’s security requires the capacity to annihilate other nations. And together, we call on governments to “negotiate and establish a ban on the production, deployment, transfer and use of nuclear weapons in accordance with international humanitarian law”.”

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