Canadian Forces International Operations as of 17 September 2003

Tasneem Jamal

The Ploughshares Monitor Autumn 2003 Volume 24 Issue 3

Mission                                                 Number of personnel

Arabian Gulf Region & Southwest Asia

Operation Apollo                                                        257
Canada’s military contribution to the international campaign 
against terrorism

Operation Athena                                                    1,875
In Afghanistan
Canadian contribution to the International Security 
Assistance Force

Operation Accius                                                            1
In Afghanistan
Canadian contribution to UN Assistance Mission
in Afghanistan (UNAMA)


Operation Palladium                                               1,227
In Bosnia-Herzegovina
Canadian contribution to NATO Stabilization Force (SFOR)

Middle East

Operation Danaca                                                     193
In Golan Heights
Canadian contribution to UN Disengagement Observer
Force (UNDOF)

Operation Snowgoose                                                   1
In Cyprus
Canadian contribution to UN Forces in Cyprus (UNFICYP)

Operation Jade                                                             8
In Jerusalem
Canadian contribution to UN Truce Supervision
Organization (UNTSO)

Operation Calumet                                                     30
In Sinai
Canadian contribution to Multinational Force and
Observers (MFO)


Operation Reptile                                                         5
In Sierra Leone
Canadian contribution to UN Mission in Sierra Leone

Operation Crocodile                                                     7
In Democratic Republic of the Congo
Canadian contribution to UN Organization Mission in the
Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC)

Operation Sculpture                                                     6
In Sierra Leone
Canadian contribution to the International Military
Assistance Training Team (IMATT)

Operation Solitude                                                       1
In Dakar, Senegal
Canadian contribution to operation of the Office of the
Secretary-General for West Africa

Total personnel:                                                             3,611

Source: Canadian Department of National Defence website.

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