Control Arms submission to Foreign Affairs on Canada and the ATT

Kenneth Epps Conventional Weapons

July 17, 2013

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada is conducting a technical assessment of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) with a view to providing the Government of Canada recommendations on the Government’s possible next steps, including whether or not Canada should sign the treaty. As part of this process, the Control Arms Coalition in Canada has prepared the following submission, which outlines:

  1. The reasons why Canada should sign the ATT
  2. The expected impact (and lack thereof) of the ATT on legitimate gun ownership in Canada
  3. The changes that Canada will need to bring to its existing conventional arms transfer regulations and procedures in order to meet the ATT’s requirements and standards
  4. Recommended voluntary action to assist with treaty implementation
  5. Our conclusion

Please click on attachment to view full PDF document (English, French)

Response to consultation on the ATT July 17Response to consultation on the ATT

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