Dimensions of War and Peace: A Teaching Unit for Grade Ten

Tasneem Jamal Armed Conflicts, Defence & Human Security

Commissioned by Project Ploughshares Edmonton

Developed by staff of the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights

The members of Project Ploughshares Edmonton have long had a particular interest in peace education for children.

For some years, a team of members who lived through World War 2 made themselves available to Grade six teachers in Edmonton who were teaching a unit on Japan to give guest talks and conduct discussions in their classes on the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There was great interest among the children and they understood the message being taught.

More recently, the idea for developing a teaching resource had its genesis in discussions with teachers we encountered when we were invited to set up a Project Ploughshares display table at a workshop sponsored by the Alberta Teachers Association. The teachers were keen to pick up many of our educational resources and asked where they could obtain more. Further discussions with high school social studies teachers suggested that a teaching resource aimed at the high school level would be very welcome and would fit the current curriculum.

We were very fortunate to interest the John Humphrey Centre to partner with us in developing such a resource. They have a philosophy congruent with ours and talented staff with the considerable skills required to write such a teaching unit. We were delighted when they agreed to do so. We are also delighted with the result and know that teachers will find this resource to be a useful tool to teach their students about the impact of war.

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