Does the Pentagon Now Doubt the Missile Defence System It Wanted Canada to Endorse?

Tasneem Jamal

Briefing 05-7

Ernie Regehr

Canada’s decision to forgo direct involvement in the US ballistic missile defence system (BMD) could yet be vindicated by the Pentagon itself. This country’s flirtation with BMD brought us close to direct participation in the ground-based, midcourse defence (GMD) interceptor system intended to defend North America against intercontinental ballistic missile attack, but now there are indications that the Pentagon itself has doubts about the viability and future of the system. The Pentagon appears to have abandoned efforts to try to upgrade the current system, focusing instead on other more promising technologies.Had Canada said yes to BMD it would have now been stuck defending a system that is increasingly exposed as one that is unable to deliver on its promises and that survives largely due to pork barreling.

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