Hazards in the Power Sharing Aspects of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement During the Interim Period in the Sudan

Tasneem Jamal

Alfred Lokuji

Can the diverging interests of northern and southern Sudan be satisfied by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement? When it comes to power sharing, there is a risk that the north and south will prove incompatible partners. Barriers to lasting peace include (1) Khartoum’s inconsistent position; (2) delays in the appointment of a commission, as well as instruments for implementation, of the CPA; (3) previous difficulties in honouring the principles of democratic federalism; (4) the presence of groups aligned with John Garang and the Kiir; and (5) the tendency towards detrimental ethnic alliances.

This report is the second to result from Building Capacity for Sustainable Peace in the Sudan, a series of meetings hosted by Project Ploughshares and the Africa Peace Forum in Juba. The meetings were part of a joint project meant to facilitate dialogue around the implementation of the CPA. The report itself aims to help the governments of north and south Sudan build conditions conducive to sustainable peace.

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