KAIROS-Ploughshares Urge Prime Minister to Remain Firm in Opposition to Military Attacks on Iraq (2)

Tasneem Jamal

Follow-up letter to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.

Honourable Jean Chretien
Prime Minister of Canada
House of Commons,
Ottawa, ON
Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

We understand that you will be meeting on Monday with President Bush, who has indicated that he hopes to persuade Canada to support American plans to intensify the war on Iraq.

You and several of your cabinet colleagues have said publicly that any military action against Iraq must be clearly justified under international law and processed through the UN Security Council before Canada would even consider lending its support. In our February 8, 2002 letter, we strongly supported these positions and we continue to do so.

Nevertheless, we recognize that you will be under considerable pressure to comply with President Bush’s request for allied support. We urge you to remain firm in your principled stand

The events of September 11 last year emphasize the need for a universally accepted international order based on the rule of law. The proposed American intervention in Iraq violates that principle. Moreover we believe that such a war, one that would inevitably result in an unknown number of civilian casualties and substantial damage to Iraq’s civilian infrastructure, is morally unjustifiable.

May you be blessed both with wisdom and courage during these difficult deliberations and we urge you to use the occasion of this meeting not only to refuse Canada’s support for the proposed American intervention but to also dissuade President Bush from embarking on this course of action.


Pat Steenberg,                                      Ernie Regehr,
Executive Director, KAIROS               Executive Director, Project Ploughshares

cc: Honourable Bill Graham, Minister of Foreign Affairs

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