NGOs Applaud Prime Minister’s Decision Not to Participate in a US-led War on Iraq

Tasneem Jamal

News Advisory

Press Conference
When: Tuesday March 18 at 10:30am
Where: Charles Lynch Press Room, Centre Block
Who: Gerry Barr – President and CEO of the Canadian Council for International Co-operation
          Ernie Regehr –  Executive Director of Project Ploughshares

With the United States clearly poised for war in Iraq, Canadian aid agencies congratulate the Prime Minister for refusing to join in the illegal war. “We commend the Prime Minister for standing up in the House of Commons and saying what the majority of Canadians believe — that Canada has no place in this war, ” says Gerry Barr, President and CEO of the Canadian Council for International Co-operation. “It’s unfortunate that all diplomatic avenues have been shut down by the United States. War will have disastrous consequences on the already vulnerable people of Iraq,” added Barr.

US Secretary of State Colin Powell has said that war is authorized through Resolution 1441 and that US military actions are “supported by international law.”  Ernie Regehr, Executive Director of  Project Ploughshares says that “this is most assuredly not the case. Resolution 1441 in no way approves military action. In light of the catastrophic cost of war and the humanitarian disaster that will follow, it is immoral for the US to bomb Iraq under the cloak of the United Nations.”

War will mean humanitarian crisis, with unpredictable levels of causalities and displacement of civilians. Aid groups, also, congratulate the Prime Minister for committing Canadian aid for reconstruction and to help the victims of war.

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