Nuclear Disarmament and the Global Summit

Tasneem Jamal

Briefing 05-4

Ernie Regehr

Five years ago, heads of states and governments met at the UN to issue a memorable Millennium Declaration. Five years later, a plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly provides an opportunity to assess progress made toward implementing that memorandum and to confirm ongoing commitment to it.

The latest draft outcome statement (UN 2005) is not particularly elegant or clarion in its section on disarmament, but it is nevertheless constructive in that it does embody some widely accepted disarmament principles. Unfortunately, what is constructive in the draft is now under severe threat due to U.S. opposition.

Proposed US changes would eviscerate the nuclear disarmament section of the document. Governments supportive of the current formulation, which include Canada, need to be encouraged to persist in the effort to include a strong commitment to nuclear disarmament in the declaration of the heads of states and governments.

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