Practical Steps to Zero Nuclear Weapons: Conference Report

Tasneem Jamal Nuclear Weapons

Sponsored by the Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, the Canadian Pugwash Group, Physicians for Global Survival, Project Ploughshares and World Federalist Movement Canada, the report outlines recommendations made during “Practical Steps to Zero Nuclear Weapons,” a conference held in Ottawa in January 2010.

In light of the shift in global thinking for a nuclear weapons-free world, a position championed by the Obama administration, the conferenence recommendations called on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to actively support new calls for a global treaty to ban all nuclear weapons by publicly addressing and reaffirming Canada’s commitment to nuclear disarmament.

As well, the conference recommendations called on Ottawa to: encourage a new NATO Strategic Concept committing states to security policies that conform to Articles I and II of the Non-Proliferation Treaty; support European initiatives to remove all remaining non-strategic nuclear weapons from European soil; support an improved strategic relationship with Russia, including a strengthened NATO-Russia Council; forge consensus within NATO that nuclear weapon policies should reflect the global norm against the use of nuclear weapons; support START II negotiations between the United States and Russia; encourage NATO allies to phase out the role of nuclear weapons in their security doctrines; press for commitment within the NPT Review Conference to work on a Nuclear Weapons Convention; and restore the practice of an inclusive approach to NGOs by naming civil society representatives to the Canadian NPT delegation.

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