Private Security Companies in the Caribbean

John Siebert Defence & Human Security

Case studies of St. Lucia,Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica

Matthew Bishop, Kenneth Epps, Sheridon Hill, Annita Montoute, John Siebert

This project, a collaboration between Project Ploughshares and the Institute of International Relations of The University of West Indies, contributes to the still limited published information on Private Security Companies (PSCs) in the Caribbean by creating case studies on the private security industry in St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica. The research was designed to describe and analyze PSCs in each country, as well as current national laws and regulations related to the industry. The case study data provide a clearer picture of the roles and functions of PSCs, which can be used by government regulators and the industry itself to raise standards of performance, encourage appropriate policy development, and generally improve the security situation for citizens. The case studies also provide a better understanding of how PSCs fit into the CARICOM security architecture.

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