Project Ploughshares Helps Shape the Debate on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft Controversy

John Siebert Conventional Weapons, News

The Ploughshares Monitor Winter 2010 Volume 31 Issue 4

In the last few months the proposed purchase by the Canadian government of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft has been the subject of ongoing public discussion and debate in the Canadian media and in the House of Commons. Ploughshares‟ response has helped to shape the debate.

  • August 12: Ploughshares Briefing 10/3. Why Joint Strike aircraft? Program costs rise and benefits carry risks by Ploughshares Senior Program Associate Kenneth Epps.
  • August 24: Globe and Mail article, “Critics set to launch new attacks on untendered deal to buy fighter jets,” quotes extensively from Briefing 10/3.
  • August 25: Epps appears in Global TV news coverage of the F-35 and Prime Minister Harper‟s visit to the Canadian North. Epps is also interviewed on “Afternoon News with Tom Young” on News 95.7 radio.
  • August 29: Ploughshares Executive Director John Siebert is interviewed by Mike Blanchard on the nationally syndicated radio program, “The Roy Green Show” on the Joint Strike Fighter purchase.
  • September 15: Siebert and Epps address the House of Commons Standing Committee on National Defence about the proposed purchase by Canada of 65 Joint Strike Fighter F-35 aircraft.
  • October 4: “Parliamentary review of new fighter aircraft needed” by Kenneth Epps, The Ploughshares Monitor Autumn 2010 issue.
  • November 4: Ploughshares Briefing 10/4. The size of the F-35 market is overstated by Kenneth Epps.
  • November 5: Reference to Briefing 10/4 in Globe and Mail article, “F-35 „glitches‟ won‟t affect Canadian fighter jet order, MacKay says.”
  • November 6: Reference to Briefing 10/4 in David Pugliese’s Defence Watch.
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