Regional Security, Gender Identity and CPA Implementation in Sudan

Tasneem Jamal

Jessica Davis, Judith McCallum and Alfred Okech

This report includes two papers that were presented during a workshop in Nairobi in support of the Building Capacity for Sustainable Peace in Sudan, a joint project of Project Ploughshares and Africa Peace Forum. Both papers address the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in Sudan.

The first paper, written by Jessica Davis, focuses on the role of the CPA in regional peace processes. The paper posits that regional security both challenges and rests upon full implementation of the CPA.

The second paper, written by Judith McCallum and Alfred Okech, seeks to clarify the links between gender identity, militarization and disarmament in Sudan. McCallum and Okech argue that militarization – particularly, displacement resulting from militarization – shapes social attitudes towards gender roles. In turn, these attitudes have an impact upon the disarmament process.

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