Scott Kline named Chair of Project Ploughshares Board

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 Project Ploughshares, the ecumenical peace centre of The Canadian Council of Churches, is pleased to announce the appointment of Scott Kline as Chair of its Board.The Board of Project Ploughshares appointed Dr. Kline to a three-year term when it met in St. Jacobs on April 30, 2011. Dr. Kline is Acting Director of the St. Jerome’s University Centre for Responsible Citizenship and teaches religious studies at St. Jerome’s University in the University of Waterloo. For the past three years, he was a member-at-large on the Ploughshares Board.
In accepting the appointment, Dr. Kline offered his gratitude to outgoing chair, Dona Harvey. “I would especially like to thank Dona for her tremendous leadership, enthusiasm and steadying presence as the organization entered a process of transformation, a process that continues.”
On the challenges ahead, Dr. Kline offered these remarks: “We live in uncertain times. Will the death of Osama bin Laden lead to a power vacuum that leads to more violence? How might the Libya intervention set the stage for further possible Responsibility to Protect incursions? Will the re-elected Canadian government forge new foreign and defence policies and funding priorities? For many, the uncertainty can become debilitating. But Ploughshares, through its leadership and its dedicated staff, has a tradition of providing trusted direction when the future seems unclear.”
Waterloo-based Project Ploughshares, founded in 1976, undertakes research and policy development on disarmament and peacebuilding, and has ongoing projects with partners in East Africa and the Caribbean.
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