Selected Canadian Military Export Contracts Reported During 2003

Tasneem Jamal

The Ploughshares Monitor Autumn 2004 Volume 25 Issue 3

Overseas contracts during 2003 (non-US)




  AMEL Corp  Brampton, ON  Naval tactical trainer B contract completion  Not reported  Saudi Arabia
 Atlantis Aerospace Corp  Brampton, ON  EH-101 helicopter cockpit systems trainerg  $3.5 million  UK
 Bell Helicopter Textron  Mirabel, QC  Bell 407 helicopter for high altitude testing  Not reported  India
 Bombardier Inc      Mirabel, QC  CL-415 amphibious aircraft  $35 million*  Croatia
 Bristol Aerospace Ltd  Winnipeg, MB  CF-5 fighter aircraft inspections & training  Not reported  Botswana
 CAE Inc  Montreal, QC  K130 corvette management systemsg  $23 million  Germany
 A400M transport aircraft development systemg  $10 million  France
 CN235 patrol aircraft detection systemsg  $3 million  Turkey
 3 Landing ships management systemsg  $16 million  India
 CMC Electronics Inc  Montreal, QC  KT-1C light attack aircraft avionics upgradeg  Not reported  South Korea
 DRS Flight Safety & Communications  Carleton Place, ON  F-2 fighter aircraft circuit card assemblies & cables  $2.2 million*  Japan
 General Dynamics Canada  Nepean, ON  Ballistic computers for M60A3 tank upgradesg  Not reported  Jordan
 Lockheed Martin Canada Inc  Kanata, ON  Training simulators (via US Pentagon AForeign Military Sales@ program)  $28.7 million  Japan Norway South Korea


 Northstar Aerospace  Milton, ON  Helicopter rotor headsg  $10 million  UK
 Orenda Aerospace  Mississauga, ON  Gripen fighter aircraft engine componentsg  $8 million  Sweden
 Pratt & Whitney Canada  Longueuil, QC  PC-9 trainer & PC-12 utility aircraft enginesg  $7 million*  Bulgaria
 Saras multi-transport aircraft enginesg  $4  million*  India
 C-295 transport aircraft enginesg  $4 million*  Jordan
 M28 Skytruck maritime patrol aircraft enginesg  $8 million*  Vietnam
 Spar Aerospace Ltd  Mississauga, ON  Aircraft electronic warfare protection systemsg  Not reported  Greece


US contracts during 2002 (for US combat systems)

 Supplier   City/Province   Military product/service   Contract value   Recipient
  Applied Courseware Technology Inc  Fredericton, NB  Joint Strike Fighter aircraft instruction system development toolsg     $0.3 million  US Air Force
 BNH Expert Software Inc  Montreal, QC  $0.3 million
 Bombardier Inc  Montreal, QC  Joint Strike Fighter structural test definitiong  Not reported  US Air Force
 Bristol Aerospace Ltd  Winnipeg, MB  Joint Strike Fighter vertical lift fang  Not reported  US Air Force
 CAE Inc  Montreal, QC  Apache helicopter combat simulator systemsg  $13 million  US Army
 CMC Electronics Inc  Montreal, QC  Guided missile firing panels  $0.9 million  US Navy
 Chicopee Manufacturing  Kitchener, ON  Joint Strike Fighter wing structural partsg  Not reported  US Air Force
 DRS Flight Safety & Communications  Carleton Place, ON  Multiple Launch Rocket System assemblies  $2.2 million*  US Army
 F/A-18E/F fighter aircraft assemblies  $2.2 million*  US Navy
 Expro Chemical Products  St-Timothée, QC  Propellant for 155 mm howitzer shells  $24.3 million  US Army
 General Dynamics Land Systems Canada  London, ON  LAV III AStryker@ armoured combat vehicles  $115.6 million  US Army
 Haley Industries Ltd  Haley Station, ON  Joint Strike Fighter aluminum castingsg  Not reported  US Air Force
 Héroux-Devtek Inc  Longueuil, QC  X-45C unpiloted combat aircraft landing gearg  $17 million  US Army
 Honeywell Canada Inc  Mississauga, ON  Joint Strike Fighter controls & sensorsg  Not reported  US Air Force
 Interactive Circuits & Systems Ltd  Ottawa, ON  Destroyer & submarine digital signal-processing products  Not reported  US Navy
 Magneto-Inductive Systems Limited  Head of Jeddore, NS  Remote activation munition system for Special Operation Forces  $8.3 million  US Navy
 Northstar Aerospace  Cambridge, ON  AH-64 Apache attack helicopter maintenance  $26 million  US Army
 Platform Computing Inc  Longueuil, QC  Software for nuclear weapon simulations  Not reported  US Dept. of Energy
 Raytheon Canada Ltd  Waterloo, ON  Seasparrow missile electronic systemsg  $2.4 million  US Navy


gSubcontract with corporate prime contractor
*Estimated contract value

Source: Canadian Military Industry Database, Project Ploughshare

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