Spotlight on Canadian Military Exports, 1998

Tasneem Jamal

The Ploughshares Monitor June 1999 Volume 20 Issue 2


Selected overseas (non-US) Canadian military export contracts reported during 1998
Supplier City, Province Military product/service Contract value Recipient(s)
Atlantis Aerospace Corp Brampton, ON Naval tactical simulation systems $24.3 million Saudi Arabia
Bell Helicopter Textron St-Janvier, PQ 2 Bell 230 Special Mission helicopters $9 million* Ecuador
Bell Helicopter Textron St-Janvier, PQ 2 Bell 412EP anti-submarine helicopters** $20 million* Ecuador
Bombardier Inc Mirabel, PQ 10 Canadair 415GR amphibious aircraft $380 million Greece
Bombardier Inc Mirabel, PQ 3 Challenger multi-mission aircraft $60 million* Denmark
Bombardier Inc Moose Jaw, SK Pilot training under NATO program $250 million Denmark
Bombardier Inc Mirabel, PQ Aircraft logistic support and maintenance Not reported Middle East countries
CAE Electronics Ltd Montreal, PQ 2 PC-7 aircraft flight training devices $14.4 million United Arab Emirates (UAE)
CAE Electronics Ltd Montreal, PQ Offshore patrol vessel management systems** $10 million Brunei
Canadian Marconi Co Montreal, PQ Rooivalk helicopter doppler radar sensors** Not reported South Africa
Davis Engineering Ltd Ottawa, ON Helicopter infrared countermeasure systems $11.4 million Turkey
Department of National Defence Ottawa, ON 10,000 rounds of 155mm artillery ammunition Not reported Turkey
General Motors Canada London, ON 150 light armoured vehicles $230 million Australia
Indal Technologies Ltd Mississauga, ON Helicopter recovery systems for frigates** $10 million Spain
Northern Telecom Ltd Ottawa, ON Microwave signal processing chips for frigate active phased array radar $134 million Germany, Netherlands
Pratt & Whitney Canada Longueuil, PQ 120 PT6A engines for KTX-1 trainer aircraft $120 million* South Korea
SR Telecom Montreal, PQ Equipment for air force Not reported Brazil
Simunition Technologies Ottawa, ON Small calibre training ammunition Not reported UAE
Standard Aero Ltd Winnipeg, MB Repair and overhaul aircraft propellers Not reported Colombia, Egypt, Jordan, UAE
Wescam Inc Flamborough, ON Dual sensor camera systems for Bell 412 navy helicopters Not reported Ecuador,Venezuela
Western Canada Marine Group Vancouver, BC Offshore patrol vessel $51 million Ireland
Western Star Trucks Inc Kelowna, BC 45 heavy-duty trucks $10 million Kuwait
Source: Canadian Military Industry Database (Project Ploughshares)  **Subcontract *Estimated contract value


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