The 2009 Armed Conflicts Report—Preview

Tasneem Jamal Armed Conflicts

The Ploughshares Monitor Summer 2009 Volume 30 Issue 2

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With 28 conflicts in 24 countries, 2008 saw a return to the prevailing downward trend in armed conflicts* that started in 2000, when Ploughshares documented 40 such conflicts. (In 2007 there was a slight increase from 29 to 30.) No new conflicts were added in 2008 and major armed conflicts in Haiti and Côte d’Ivoire ended. By the end of the year, 28 armed conflicts were being fought in 24 countries. Both numbers are the lowest that Ploughshares has recorded since beginning to track armed conflict in 1987.

While Haiti continues to struggle with security and humanitarian issues, the past two years have seen armed conflict casualty figures that are well below the 25-deaths-per-annum threshold that is required for removal from the Armed Conflicts Report.

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