The 2010 Armed Conflicts Report – Preview

Tasneem Jamal Armed Conflicts

The Ploughshares Monitor Autumn 2010 Volume 31 Issue 3

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In 2009 there was no change in the number of armed conflicts* in the world from 2008.

Since 2000, when there were 40 documented armed conflicts, there has been a prevailing downward trend that has flatlined or slightly wavered upwards in the past three years.

It is encouraging that the number of conflict deaths in two countries in Africa – Uganda and Burundi – is such that if conditions for 2009 continue in 2010 both of these countries will come off the list next year. The Lord’s Resistance Army, an insurgent group active in northern Uganda over several decades, continues to engage in raids that result in primarily civilian casualties and kidnappings, but this LRA activity is now taking place in neighbouring Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Central African Republic. It is worth noting that for 2009 both Uganda and Burundi were removed from the list of countries with child combatants.

Africa and Asia continue to be the regions of the world most affected by war, hosting 11 armed conflicts each, or over three-quarters of the world’s total. Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East combined host less than one-quarter.

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