The Automatic Firearms Country Control List and Canada’s Firearms Exports

Kenneth Epps

Kenneth Epps

The Ploughshares Monitor Spring 2006 Volume 27 Issue 1

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The Automatic Firearms Country Control List (AFCCL) was created by the Canadian government 15 years ago as an instrument to control the export from Canada of automatic firearms. Although the government can too readily expand the number of countries that may receive Canadian automatic weapons, the AFCCL is nevertheless an innovative and effective export control tool. With improvements it could provide a model for other exporting states to follow.

For more than a quarter of a century, the Canadian government has required strict regulation of automatic weapons—those weapons that repeatedly fire by a single trigger action. In 1977 the Criminal Code of Canada prohibited the possession of automatic firearms by any group or individual other than members of Canadian military and police forces. As prohibited weapons, automatic weapons remain illegal for private use today. In 1991, however, the government passed Bill C-6 to amend the Criminal Code and the Export and Import Permits Act, both to permit Canadian industry to import and possess automatic weapons and to authorize the External Affairs Minister to approve exports and imports of automatic firearms.

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