The Safe Third Country Agreement in 2021

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New U.S. President Joe Biden has used Executive Orders to overturn the most extreme immigration policies of the Trump era. But deportations by Immigration and Customs Enforcement are ongoing and immigration detention centres are still in operation. The United States does NOT meet the principles of safety required by Canadian and international law.

GCR‘s whole-of-society approach to refugee protection: The unique complexities of South Asia

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Here is the final piece in a four-part series on the Global Compact on Refugees. Follow the links below to read the previous articles: Part 1: The Global Compacts: A …

Canada and the Global Compact on Refugees

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The Global Compact on Refugees (GCR), a new international framework, is expected to be adopted by the end of this year. It aims to reenergize the international refugee regime, the …

Inaccessible? Untangling the current U.S. refugee program

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Until recently, the United States was the world’s most generous donor of humanitarian assistance to displaced persons and had the largest resettlement program. But the Trump administration’s new immigration policies …

Q&A with Idil Atak: Responding to the Syrian refugee crisis

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Author Sonal Marwah Published in The Ploughshares Monitor Volume 37 Issue 1 Spring 2016 Sonal Marwah: Terms such as “irregular” or “illegal” are frequently used to describe the migration influx in Europe. Is …