Selling military goods to the United States

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The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC), an independently operated Crown corporation, arranges contracts between Canadian manufacturers and foreign governments. Between 60 and 70 per cent of these contracts involve military goods, making the CCC Canada’s largest arms broker.

The Canadian Commercial Corporation: Not yet a protector of human rights

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Canada’s accession to the Arms Trade Treaty last year necessitated some welcome changes to Canada’s arms-control policies. But it appears that the export regime’s human-rights protections are still flawed. In this article, we focus on the activities of the Canadian Commercial Corporation.

Canada’s top five arms contracts to the U.S. – 2015-2020

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The most recently released federal records indicates that Canada transferred over $2-billion CAD in military exports to customers around the world in 2018. Left unpublished are the vast military exports to Canada’s closest trading partner, the United States. For years, Canada’s arms exports to the United States have been largely exempt from federal reporting protocols. Such exemptions persist despite Canada’s …

What we know about the $14.8-billion deal to provide Canadian-made military equipment to Saudi Arabia

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Author Cesar Jaramillo Published in The Ploughshares Monitor Volume 36 Issue 3 Autumn 2015 10 Facts The largest arms exports contract in Canadian history will see Canadian-made military equipment shipped to one of the worst human rights violators in the world—Saudi Arabia. This will happen despite an existing export control regime specifically intended to prevent Canadian goods from fuelling human rights violations abroad. …

Arms sale to Saudi Arabia lowers the bar on export controls

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Author Cesar Jaramillo Published in The Ploughshares Monitor Volume 36 Issue 2 Summer 2015 By any modern standard, Saudi Arabia is a human rights pariah. Yet the Canadian Commercial Corporation, a Crown corporation, has brokered a deal to supply $15-billion worth of Canadian-made armoured vehicles to the autocratic kingdom over the next decade, in what is by far the largest military export contract …

Trading principles: How Canada’s pursuit of military exports has left a trail of secrecy and lax standards

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Briefing 15-1 Published February 5, 2015 Author Cesar Jaramillo On paper, Canada has “some of the strongest export controls in the world” (FATDC 2014). However, even if the provisions of Canada’s export safeguards are stringent, recent developments make them seem like little more than paper tigers. The sale of Canadian manufactured light armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia is only the most …

New facts confirm unprecedented size of Canadian arms sale to Saudi Arabia

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Project Ploughshares has obtained official data that for the first time reveals the exact value of recently awarded multiyear contracts for Canada to supply Saudi Arabia with military armoured vehicles. Information obtained from the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) under an Access to Information request shows that two contracts totalling $14.8-billion were awarded by the CCC to General Dynamics Land Systems …

Largest Canadian Military Contractors 2012-13

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Author Ken Epps The 20 largest Canadian military contractors were awarded a total of $2.1-billion in prime contracts during fiscal year 2012-13, according to official sources (see Table 1). This year’s total represents a 39 per cent decline from the $3.5-billion contract total for the top companies in the previous year (Epps 2012). The contracts were awarded to the Canadian-based …

Canada’s push into new arms markets

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Author Kenneth Epps The Ploughshares Monitor Volume 34 Issue 3 Autumn 2013 A look at how the federal government is helping Canada’s military industry find new export customers Billed as the world’s leading defence and security event, the Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition in the United Kingdom showcases military equipment from around the world every two years. In early September 2013 …