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Monthly Giving Program

Joining Ploughshares Monthly Giving Program is easy and convenient.

Your pre-authorized donations will be deducted directly from your bank or credit card account each month, and you will be receive a single tax receipt for all of your monthly donations from the previous year each February.

You can change or stop your deductions at any time by contacting us or your bank directly.

Many donors find that they are able to substantially increase their annual gift by contributing each month.

Project Ploughshares benefits from monthly giving because it provides a consistent and reliable source of funding, allowing us to budget based on stable and secure commitments. Pre-authorized donations can also be processed more efficiently than single gifts, leaving more money for programs. And less paper is used in the processing of pre-authorized gifts, so it is environmentally friendly.

By joining Ploughshares Monthly Giving Program you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to secure a more peaceful future for people in places where peace is now replaced by war.

How to join Ploughshares Monthly Giving Program

Print a Donation Form

Print our donation form and either fax or mail the information to:
Project Ploughshares
140 Westmount Road North
Waterloo ON N2L 3G6
Fax: (519) 888-0018

Contact Us By Phone

Call 1-888-90-PEACE (1-888-907-3223)
If you decide to join by phone you will need to provide us with the following information when you call:

A) A monthly gift by credit card:

  • The credit card type (Mastercard or VISA), the account number, and expiry date.
  • The amount you would like to give each month.

B) A monthly gift via direct transfer from your bank account:

  • The following numbers from the bottom of your cheque: the bank transit number (5 digits), the bank number (3 digits) and your account number, including zeroes.
  • The amount you would like to give each month.

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