How to Help

Write a letter to your MP or newspaper

Send letters to the editor and opinion articles to your local newspaper that encourage a broad and in-depth treatment of conflict issues.

Provide information to your member of Parliament about peace and security issues and engage your member of Parliament in a dialogue about those issues.

For help formulating your letter, please go to the letters section on the publications search page to see examples of letters Ploughshares has sent to government officials. If you need further assistance in formulating your letter, please contact us.

 Find your member of Parliament

Keep informed

Educate yourself and others about the causes of political conflict and the social, economic and political conditions that build peace and security. On the Project Ploughshares website, you will find information about armed conflicts as well as the peacebuilding programs we have undertaken with partners.

Tell your friends

One of the easiest and most valuable ways you can help is by telling others about Project Ploughshares and encouraging them to become supporters. Use the share buttons at the bottom of the web page to connect through Facebook, Twitter or by email. Alternatively, contact us and we will send you brochures to help promote Project Ploughshares.

Study and explore peace issues with others

Organize panel discussions or informational meetings in your community. Contact us for assistance with background material and suggestions for resource persons. If you are part of a faith community, initiate a discussion of current peace and conflict issues and build relationships with faith groups in your community.

Support the victims of armed conflicts

Give to agencies that provide humanitarian assistance to displaced people and refugees from conflict zones.

If you are not already a supporter of Project Ploughshares, consider becoming a donor and partner in building peace.

Your support does make a difference!

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