Bequest in Your Will

You can make a lasting contribution to the peacemaking and peacebuilding work of Project Ploughshares by directing some of your accumulated resources to the Project through a bequest in your will. These assets might be cash, securities, life insurance, or retirement fund assets (RRSPs and RRIFs).

No one should overlook the important act of making a will, no matter how much or how little one possesses. A will is the only instrument the courts will recognize after your death as expressing your wishes about the distribution of your property. It tells the world what persons, causes and institutions you value.

As many as seven in 10 Canadians do not have a will. Without a personal will, your wishes may be ignored. If you have no heirs, the provincial government will take all of your property into its general revenues.

The needs of the family come first in the planning of a will. Many people find that after they have provided for loved ones, they have something left over to provide for institutions and causes they support today.

A well-constructed will can maximize the value of your estate. For example, a charitable bequest can reduce the final tax burden of your estate by as much as 100 per cent of your income in the year of your death and the previous year. We recommend you seek professional advice when drawing up or revising your will.

Making a will is truly an opportunity to plan it your way. If you do not have a will, now is the time to prepare one. If your will is out of date, make arrangements to review it immediately.

If you have included Project Ploughshares in your will, or if you would like someone from Project Ploughshares to contact you to discuss these matters in more detail, please complete our bequest form and return it to our office.

Thank you for your commitment to a more peaceful world.

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