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‘Massive use of chemical agents’
As of this writing, an estimated 100,000 people in Syria are thought to have been killed since the uprising began in March 2011. Read more >

Violence begets violence
“It is after the attack that the village received guns for its defence. But then the threat to the village was greater. Why? The [rebels] would like to capture the guns.” Read more >

F-35: We told you so
It doesn’t help a bit, but we all take satisfaction from time to time in saying, “We told you so.” Read more >

Would an attack on Iran be legal?
Conspicuously absent from most analyses on the prospect of military action against Iran over its nuclear program is the question of whether an attack by the U.S. or Israel would be consistent with international law. Read more >

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New facts confirm unprecedented size of Canadian arms sale to Saudi Arabia

July 22 By Kenneth Epps
Project Ploughshares has obtained official data that for the first time reveals the exact value of recently awarded multiyear contracts for Canada to supply Saudi Arabia with military armoured vehicles. More

Nuclear disarmament: Time to focus on differences

July 15 By Cesar Jaramillo
Briefing 14.2: So entrenched are certain profound differences and unresolved issues that they could delay nuclear disarmament efforts by decades, if not centuries. More

Conference: 1914-1918: The Making of the Modern World

When: July 30-31
Where: George Ignatieff Theatre, Trinity College 15 Devonshire Place, Toronto
The First World War transformed global geopolitics and shaped almost every aspect of the world we live in. The Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History and our partners are proud to present a two-day conference on this conflict and its legacies, bringing together leading historians and other scholars. More

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