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‘Massive use of chemical agents’
As of this writing,more than 100,000 people in Syria are thought to have been killed since the uprising began three years ago. Read more >

Canada and the failure to end the “thousand little wars” in Afghanistan
April 1 marked the end of Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan. It was Canada’s longest and costliest expeditionary war since Korea in the 1950s. It failed. And that failure has been evident since 2006. Far too much faith was placed in military options to defeat the Taliban and other insurgents. Read more >

Canada’s arms exports: New report reflects old habits
In February 2014 the Export Controls Bureau of Foreign Affairs, Development and Trade Canada posted without notice its latest report on the export of military goods from Canada. It breaks no new ground, adding nothing to reverse a decline in Canadian arms export reporting standards that began in 2003.” Read more >

The flagrant contradictions of nuclear-dependent states
It’s hard to tell whether the states questioning the purpose, direction, and convenience of the humanitarian imperative for nuclear disarmament are fully aware of the extent to which the inconsistencies in their positions are apparent to the rest of the international community. Because the contradictions are, well, quite obvious. Read more >

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WWI and Contemporary Policy on War and Peace Conference

February 25, 2015
Full report available. More

Radio Canada International: Canadian export controls

February 8, 2015
Listen to an interview with Ploughshares Program Officer Cesar Jaramillo on Canadian arms exports, broadcast on Radio Canada International on Friday, February 6.

New Briefing: Trading principles

By Cesar Jaramillo Feb. 5, 2015
How Canada’s pursuit of military exports has left a trail of secrecy and lax standards. More

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