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Responding to the global refugee crisis – What can Canada do?
The crisis in Syria and its spillover effects, such as the flow of refugees, are reminders that conflicts and their consequences are rarely contained to one geographic area of the world. Simply ignoring conflicts does not make them go away. Indeed, as the European governments are discovering it only leads to compounding humanitarian crises. However, it would be a mistake to see the current refugee crisis as solely a European issue to tackle. Read more >

Seventy years after Hiroshima, it’s high time to ban the bomb
More than 45 years after the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty came into force, more than a quarter-century after the end of the Cold War, and seven decades after the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, some states still consider serious work toward nuclear abolition premature. More than 15,000 nuclear warheads remain in existence, many of which are tens of times more powerful than the ones that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nearly 2,000 are on high-alert status, ready to be launched within minutes, thereby exacerbating the risk of their deliberate or accidental use. This situation must change. Read more >

Civil society statement on outer space security
Delivered by Cesar Jaramillo to the First Committee of the United Nations General.
Nearly six decades into the space age, it is increasingly clear that the precepts and underlying assumptions of existing space law fall short of addressing the drastically changed reality of outer space activities today. While there is widespread agreement to pursue measures that minimize the likelihood of unintentional interference with space assets during peaceful operations, we are greatly concerned that discussions related to space weaponization and the prevention of an arms race in outer space have yet to gain sufficient traction. Read more >

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We Must Not Downplay Canada’s Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia

Oct. 28 By Cesar Jaramillo, Peggy Mason, Alex Neve
Pressed by reporters in the final days of the federal election campaign, both outgoing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau seemed to downplay the extent to which the largest arms deal in Canadian history is in fact an arms deal. More

Canada withdraws jets from Middle East

Oct. 27 By Philip MacFie
The move, at first glance, is about the removal of airplanes from a combat zone. But there is more to the story than meets the eye. More

Book launch

When: 4:30 Oct. 29
Where: 4th Floor, Centre for Peace Advancement, Conrad Grebel University College, 140 Westmount Road North, Waterloo
Please join Project Ploughshares and the MSCU Centre for Peace Advancement for the launch of Disarming Conflict: Why peace cannot be won on the battlefield by Ernie Regehr. More

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