We Call for Peace: Statements on Peace by Canadian Churches and Religious Organizations

Tasneem Jamal

Working Paper 94-3

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Introduction The Canadian Council of Churches The Anglican Church of Canada The Catholic Church and organizations The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada Mennonite conferences and organizations The Presbyterian Church in Canada The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) The United Church of Canada


By Martin Rumscheidt, Project Ploughshares National Board member

There is no peace to keep,” said the blue-helmeted soldier. Such has been the experience of the United Nations in its nearly 40-year-long effort to find the way to peace. Was Mahatma Gandhi right when he declared that there is no way to peace but that peace is the way?

Churches throughout the world have

A Christian Reformed Perspective on Peace and War

Tasneem Jamal

Author Bruce Adema

Rev. Bruce Adema, is Director of Canadian Ministries, Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA)

The Christian Reformed Church knows that our Lord calls all his people to be peacemakers. We are also very aware that the Lord has placed his people in societies with governments, and that we are called to respect and obey our government leaders in all things that do not conflict with God’s clear instruction to us.

Of course, that is where the debate begins. We stand in the “Just War” tradition, and men and women from the Christian Reformed Church have taken positions within the armed forces of our countries. Yet we are well aware of the complexities of the issues,

United Church of Canada Seminar Presentation

Tasneem Jamal

Author Moderator Mardi Tindal

I have been asked to summarize the approach of The United Church of Canada to ‘just peacemaking’—in 10 minutes. We must not take ourselves too seriously!

Our United Church approach is one of soul, community, and creation. We seek to be in right relationship with God and one another, to be ecumenical in the broadest sense of the word, and to make the wellbeing of the whole world our central concern, because we understand this to be God’s central concern. I will speak to these three aspects of our approach.

Our most often recited words of faith in the United Church begin with the declaration that “We are not alone. We live in God’s world.”

Response to an Ecumenical Call to Just Peace

Tasneem Jamal

• The documents help us to understand, in a comprehensive way, the very broad, pervasive, and insidious realities of violence in every nook and cranny of our lives and in the world. Violence is not easily categorized, and therefore not easily addressed or resolved.

• A consensus is emerging in understanding the nonviolent intentions of Jesus and their normative relationship to the Christian life and the ecclesial vocation. These intentions are to be prototypical for the life of the church, and the document acknowledges that they indeed were so in its early life.

• The document helpfully outlines how the Constantinian reality, particularly the introduction of the just war criteria, was discontinuous not only with New Testament understandings of the

Just Peacemaking: Canadian Church Perspectives and Contributions

Tasneem Jamal

…from Glen Stassen on the 10 practices of just peacemaking, a Catholic view on just peace excerpted from the concluding document of the Roman Catholic–Mennonite dialogue (2003), and the Canadian Interfaith Call for Leadership and Action on Climate Change (October 2011). Also included is a list of symposium participants and the agenda for the day.

Contributed Papers A Christian Reformed Perspective on Peace and War Canadian Quakers and “Just Peace” United Church of Canada Seminar Presentation No War, Just War, Just Peace: Statements by the Anglican Church of Canada 1934-2004 Roman Catholic perspectives on peace Creating Peace: Unitarian Universalist Perspectives A Contribution from The Presbyterian Church in Canada A Lutheran Response to Glory to God and Peace on Earth: The…

Canadian Churches say “No” to Iraq War

Tasneem Jamal

…Raymond Schultz, National Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada; Dan Nighswander, General Secretary, Mennonite Church Canada; Right Rev. Seraphim, Bishop of Ottawa and Canada, Orthodox Church in America; John Calder, Clerk of the Canadian Yearly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers); Rev. F. Tom Rutherford, Regional Minister, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Canada; Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, Primate, Armenian Orthodox Church, Canadian Diocese; Rev. Dr. Kenneth Bellous, Executive Minister, Baptist Convention of Ontario & Quebec; Rev. Messale Engeda, Presiding Priest, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in the Western Hemisphere; Very Rev. Anthony Nikolic, Polish National Catholic Church of Canada; Rev. Siebrand Wilts, Stated Clerk, Regional Synod of Canada, Reformed Church in America; Metropolitan Archbishop Wasyly (Fedak), Primate, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of…

Church Leaders United Against War in Iraq

Tasneem Jamal

…Augsburg and Helvetic Confessions in Austria Rev. Thomas Wipf, president of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches Bishop Jonas Jonson, Bishop of the Church of Sweden Rev. Kjell Jonasson, Church of Sweden Rev. Canon Dr Trond Bakkevig, Church of Norway Archbishop Jukka Parma, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland Bischop Karsten Nissen, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark Dr. Alison Elliot, Church of Scotland and Churches Together in Scotland (ACTS) Rev Arie W. van der Plas, Reformed Churches in the Netherlands and Uniting Protestant Churches in the Netherlands Archbishop Feofan, Russian Orthodox Church, archbishop of Berlin and Germany Bishop Athanasius of Achaja, Church of Greece Rev. Dr. Nuhad Daoud Tomeh, representing the General Secretariat of the Middle East Council of Churches Mr….

Canadian Church Leaders Urge Nuclear Disarmament and Ballistic Missile Control

Tasneem Jamal

…President Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

Presiding Clerk Richard McCutcheon Canadian Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

The Rev. Rick Myer Moderator Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Canada

The Rev. William F. Veenstra Canadian Ministries Director Christian Reformed Church in North America – Canada

Fr. Marcos Marcos Protopriest Coptic Orthodox Church in Canada


The Rev. Fr. Messale Engeda Presiding Priest Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church of Canada


The Rev. Raymond Schultz National Bishop Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada


Metropolitan Sotirios Archbishop Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto ( Canada )


Henry Krause Moderator Mennonite Church Canada


The Right Rev. Seraphim Bishop of Ottawa and Canada Archdiocese of Canada of the Orthodox Church in…

No War, Just War, Just Peace: Statements by the Anglican Church of Canada 1934-2004

Tasneem Jamal

…similar destructive force, the use of which is repugnant to the Christian conscience.

There is no mention here of universal disarmament or the abolition of conventional weapons of war. The 1960s seems to have been a period when the Church felt a clearer sense of condemnation of weapons of mass destruction than of national militarization. Its commitment in 1934 to universal disarmament—never repudiated—nevertheless did not go so far in subsequent decades as to embrace the idea of unilateral disarmament, a position never brought before the ACC for debate.

Instead, the ACC largely supported the peacekeeping role of Canada’s military, encouraged a defensive (rather than offensive) role for Canadian troops, and committed itself and its resources to education and advocacy for…

Canadian Church Leaders Urge Prime Minister to Pursue Peace in Iraq Crisis

Tasneem Jamal

Church in Canada

The Rev. Siebrand Wilts Stated Clerk Regional Synod of Canada Reformed Church in America

Metropolitan Archbishop Wasyly (Fedak) Primate

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

The Right Rev. Dr. Marion Pardy Moderator United Church of Canada

The Rev. William F. Veenstra Canadian Ministries Director Christian Reformed Church in North America

The Rev. F. Thomas Rutherford Regional Minister Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Canada Ecumenical agencies:

Jane Orion Smith Chair, Board of Directors KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives

Moira Hutchinson Chair, Board of Directors Project Ploughshares


Le Très honorable Jean Chrétien Premier ministre du Canada Chambre des Communes Ottawa, Canada K1A 0A2 28 Février 2003 Monsieur le Premier ministre,

Nous nous adressons à vous en tant…