We Call for Peace: Statements on Peace by Canadian Churches and Religious Organizations

Tasneem Jamal

Working Paper 94-3

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Introduction The Canadian Council of Churches The Anglican Church of Canada The Catholic Church and organizations The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada Mennonite conferences and organizations The Presbyterian Church in Canada The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) The United Church of Canada


By Martin Rumscheidt, Project Ploughshares National Board member

There is no peace to keep,” said the blue-helmeted soldier. Such has been the experience of the United Nations in its nearly 40-year-long effort to find the way to peace. Was Mahatma Gandhi right when he declared that there is no way to peace but that peace is the way?

Churches throughout the world have declared,

United Church of Canada Seminar Presentation

Tasneem Jamal

continuing through the work of the Aboriginal Rights Coalition and KAIROS—the United Church has advocated for Aboriginal rights, including First Nations self-government.

Justice and Right Relationship are focused on how we, as a church, are working to address the painful legacy of Indian Residential Schools, a legacy in which the United Church was directly involved. In both 1986 and 1998, we formally apologised to Aboriginal people for our role in imposing western European culture and more specifically for our involvement in the Indian Residential School system. We continue to work to fulfill the words of these apologies.

The United Church is a signatory to the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement of which the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is a part….

Response to an Ecumenical Call to Just Peace

Tasneem Jamal

the “just war” tradition obsolete, as the JPC does, these questions, theoretically, have been answered. These are not the ways the church envisions peace to come. The church has not prepared itself to execute any of these options. And yet it wants to speak to these questions, and the non-church wants it to speak to them, too. It is somewhat akin to the horse-and-buggy Amish advising Chrysler how to build better cars, and being expected by others to do so with high levels of expertise.

The irony is that the church is somehow holding itself responsible to be something that it is not. More seriously, the church is held responsible by what it is not to be what it cannot…

Just Peacemaking: Canadian Church Perspectives and Contributions

Tasneem Jamal

for just such a conversation.

You can join the conversation. Review the documents provided here and the links to related information. Use the comments section at the bottom of the page to keep the conversation going.

Participants Bruce Adema, Christian Reformed Church in North America, Ecumenical Officer Gail Allan, United Church of Canada, Ecumenical Officer, Interchurch & Interfaith Stephen Allen, Presbyterian Church in Canada, Associate Secretary of Justice Ministries Gianne Broughton, Canadian Friends Service Committee, Program Coordinator Jeffrey Brown, Canadian Unitarian Council, University of Toronto chaplain Lawrence Cumming, United Church of Canada, Project Ploughshares board member Jim Davis, KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives, Program Coordinator Donna Fitzpatrick-Lewis, Presbyterian Church in Canada, Project Ploughshares board member Nathan Funk, Conrad Grebel University…

A Contribution from The Presbyterian Church in Canada

Tasneem Jamal

Author Stephen Allen

Stephen Allen is Associate Secretary, Justice Ministries, The Presbyterian Church in Canada


Statements and policies on peacemaking (and other issues) are considered and approved (or not) by the General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. General Assembly is the highest court in the church.

The Presbyterian Church in Canada affirms the Sovereignty of God over all creation. Human beings are created in the image of God.

Living Faith

Living Faith is a subordinate standard of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. Subordinate standards are confessional standards subordinate to scripture in the life of the church. Living Faith has this to say about peace:

Christ, the Prince of Peace calls his followers to seek peace in the

Canadian Churches say “No” to Iraq War

Tasneem Jamal

Schultz, National Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada; Dan Nighswander, General Secretary, Mennonite Church Canada; Right Rev. Seraphim, Bishop of Ottawa and Canada, Orthodox Church in America; John Calder, Clerk of the Canadian Yearly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers); Rev. F. Tom Rutherford, Regional Minister, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Canada; Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, Primate, Armenian Orthodox Church, Canadian Diocese; Rev. Dr. Kenneth Bellous, Executive Minister, Baptist Convention of Ontario & Quebec; Rev. Messale Engeda, Presiding Priest, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in the Western Hemisphere; Very Rev. Anthony Nikolic, Polish National Catholic Church of Canada; Rev. Siebrand Wilts, Stated Clerk, Regional Synod of Canada, Reformed Church in America; Metropolitan Archbishop Wasyly (Fedak), Primate, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada;

Church Leaders United Against War in Iraq

Tasneem Jamal

and Helvetic Confessions in Austria Rev. Thomas Wipf, president of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches Bishop Jonas Jonson, Bishop of the Church of Sweden Rev. Kjell Jonasson, Church of Sweden Rev. Canon Dr Trond Bakkevig, Church of Norway Archbishop Jukka Parma, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland Bischop Karsten Nissen, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark Dr. Alison Elliot, Church of Scotland and Churches Together in Scotland (ACTS) Rev Arie W. van der Plas, Reformed Churches in the Netherlands and Uniting Protestant Churches in the Netherlands Archbishop Feofan, Russian Orthodox Church, archbishop of Berlin and Germany Bishop Athanasius of Achaja, Church of Greece Rev. Dr. Nuhad Daoud Tomeh, representing the General Secretariat of the Middle East Council of Churches Mr. Thor-Arne…

Canadian Church Leaders Call for an End to NATO Bombing

Tasneem Jamal

Primate, Anglican Church of Canada; Msgr. Peter Schonenbach, General Secretary, Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops; Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, Primate, Canadian Diocese of the Armenian Orthodox Church; Dr. Helmut Harder, General Secretary, Conference of Mennonites in Canada; Bishop Telmor Sartison, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada; Right Rev. Seraphim, Bishop of Ottawa and Canada of the Orthodox Church in America; Gale Wills, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers); Rev. Dr. William Klempa, Moderator, Presbyterian Church in Canada; Very Rev. Bill Phipps, Moderator, United Church of Canada.

For more information:

Janet Somerville, General Secretary Canadian Council of Churches 416-232-6070 Ex. 2327

David Pfrimmer, Chair Commission for Justice and Peace Canadian Council of Churches 519-884-1970 Ex. 3907

Ernie Regehr, Director Project Ploughshares 519-888-6541 Ex. 263

Canadian Church Leaders Urge Nuclear Disarmament and Ballistic Missile Control

Tasneem Jamal

…Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada


Metropolitan Sotirios Archbishop Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto ( Canada )


Henry Krause Moderator Mennonite Church Canada


The Right Rev. Seraphim Bishop of Ottawa and Canada Archdiocese of Canada of the Orthodox Church in America


The Very Rev. Anthony Nikolic Polish National Catholic Church of Canada


The Rev. P. Alex McDonald Moderator, 129th General Assembly The Presbyterian Church in Canada


The Rev. Siebrand Wilts Clerk Regional Synod of Canada – Reformed Church in America


M. Christine MacMillan Commissioner Territorial Commander The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory


Metropolitan Archbishop Wasyly (Fedak) Primate Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

The Right Rev. Peter Short Moderator United Church of Canada

A World Without Nuclear Weapons

Tasneem Jamal

of Canadian Ministries C hristian Reformed Church in North America

The Rev. Fr. Marcos Marcos Protopriest The Coptic Orthodox Church of Canada

L.K. (Rev. Fr.) Messale Engeda Head Priest and Administrator of The Ethiopian Orthodox Church of Canada

The Rev. Susan C. Johnson National Bishop Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

His Eminence Metropolitan Sotirios Archbishop Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada)

The Rev. Manoj M. Zacharia Mar Thoma Syrian Church

Dr. Robert J. Suderman General Secretary Mennonite Church Canada

His Eminence Seraphim Archbishop of Ottawa and Canada Orthodox Church in America

Bishop Sylvester Bigaj Polish National Catholic Church of Canada

The Rev. Dr. Herbert F. Gale Moderator of the 136th General Assembly The Presbyterian Church in Canada

Commissioner William W….