Space Security

Our Objectives

  • Engage with other civil society organizations to encourage the Canadian government to support policies that prevent the weaponization of space.
  • Raise awareness of the challenges facing outer space security.
  • Build support for a multilateral space security treaty or policy instrument as the basis of an effective regime for space activities.

Space Security Index

The Institute of Air and Space Law at McGill University, with support from the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University to develop and promote the Space Security Index—the annual, comprehensive and systematic assessment of international developments that have an impact on the security of outer space.

The objective of the Space Security Index is to facilitate dialogue on space security challenges and potential responses by providing a common knowledge base through its in order to support the development of national and international policies that contribute to the security and sustainability of outer space. The information provided by the Space Security Index can and has been used by its partner organizations for planning purposes in their efforts to establish space governance protocols, treaties and conventions that provide for the secure and peaceful use of space.

The hypotheses guiding the research are:

  • The security of outer space is vital to both national and international security;
  • Space security is best defined as the secure and sustainable access to and use of space, and freedom from space-based threats;
  • The strategic space environment is rapidly changing and there are multiple threats to sustainable use and access for all;
  • The different indicators of space security are interrelated. Protecting and advancing the security of this operational environment requires a comprehensive and integrated approach;
  • There are competing visions of how to achieve space security that can only be bridged through informed dialogue based on a common understanding of space security and the availability of comprehensive data.
  • Project Ploughshares staff will present the main findings of Space Security 2015 at various diplomatic missions, multilateral forums, academic institutions and international conferences.
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